B Wordsworth Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share B Wordsworth Questions & Answers.

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B Wordsworth Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of person is considered a ‘rogue’ by the narrator?

Answer: According to the narrator, the people who are without principles or behave absurdly are ‘rogue’.

Question 2: Why does the narrator say, ‘His English was so good, it didn’t sound natural…’?

Answer: The part of Spain where the narrator lives, people speak inaccurate English with local dialect. Wordsworth is speaking correct and accurate English, that is the reason he sounds unnatural to the narrator.

Question 3: According to B Wordsworth what could a poet do quite easily?

Answer: According to B Wordsworth, a poet can cry for everything.

Question 4: Do you think the narrator’s mother liked poetry? Give reason for your answer?

Answer: No, the narrator’s mother did not like poetry as she called the poet a ‘blasted man’ and asked him to leave his yard.

Question 5: What did B Wordsworth give as a reason for travelling about?

Answer: B Wordsworth said that he travelled around to sell his poetry.

Question 6: Why is B Wordsworth’s answer to the policeman’s question funny?

Answer: B Wordsworth answer to the policeman was in the form of a question which he has been asking himself that shows the humorous nature of the poet.

Question 7: How did the world become an exciting place for the narrator?

Answer: The narrator and the poet spent good number of hours together. They both enjoyed each other’s company by going for a walk, lying on the grass and gazing the stars, talking about the mango, the plum and the coconut trees in the poet’s yard. In all they found love and peace among each other and became friends. In this way the world became an exciting place for the narrator.

Question 8: When the narrator saw Wordsworth looking so ill, how was he affected?

Answer: When the narrator saw Wordsworth looking so ill, he felt really sad, he felt a pain within himself as if he had been slapped by his mother and wanted to cry loudly.

So, these were B Wordsworth Questions & Answers.