The Great Adventure Questions & Answers

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The Great Adventure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fork – a place where a thing divides into two parts
  • Dragging – pull along forcefully
  • Skillfully – with great skill, talent
  • Fuss – a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement
  • Giggled – laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way
  • Puffed – breathless
  • Wobble – an unsteady movement from side to side
  • Delighted – feeling great pleasure
  • Clutching – grasp something tightly

Question 1: Where did Totto-chan use to go during recess and after school?

Answer: Totto-chan used to go the fork at her tree during recess and after school. She would sit there and look up at the sky, or watch people going by below.

Question 2: Why do the children in Totto-chan’s school seek permission to climb a tree?

Answer: The students at Tomoe School each had a tree in the school ground. They considered it as their private property, so if any student wanted to climb someone else’s tree then, he/she had to seek permission of the owner.

Question 3: Why did Totto-chan decide to invite Yasuaki-chan to her tree?

Answer: One of Totto-chan’s friend, Yasuaki-chan had polio.So, he had lost the use of a leg and a hand. Yasuakichan had never climbed a tree, and so couldn’t claim one as his own. That’s why Totto-chan decided to invite him to her tree.

Question 4: Why did Totto-chan and Yasuaki-chan kept it a secret?

Answer: Totto-chan and Yasuaki-chan kept it a secretbecause they thought people would surely make a fuss if they knew.

Question 5: Why do you think Yasuaki chan agreed to climb Totto chan’s tree?

Answer: Yasuaki-chan agreed to climb Totto-chan’s tree because he had never done so before and had no tree to claim as his own.

The Great Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 6: Describe Yasuaki-chan’s reaction on seeing Totto-chan in the school.

Answer: When Yasuaki-chan saw Totto-chan, he hurried towards her, dragging his leg and holding his arms out in front to steady himself.

Question 7: Why did Yasuaki chan and Totto-chan giggle?

Answer: Both Yasuaki-chan and Totto-chan were thrilled to think that they were going to do something secret and they both giggled.

Question 8: How did Totto-chan help Yasuaki-chan to climb the tree?

Answer: Totto-chan led Yasuaki-chan to her tree.Then she ran to the school shed, brought a ladder to the tree and leaned it against the trunk. It reached the fork. She climbed up quickly. Holding the top of the ladder she called down Yasuaki-chan to climb. However, Yasuaki-chan couldn’t climb up.
Totto-chanran back to the shed and pulled out one thing after another to see if she could find something that would help. She finally discovered a stepladder.
Yasuaki-chan looked nervously at the stepladder. He placed a foot on the first rung and struggled with all his might and finally reached the top. That is how, Totto-chan helped Yasuaki-chan to climb the tree.

Question 9: Which was the most dangerous part of the adventure?

Answer: The most dangerous part of the adventure was when Totto-chan stood on the fork of the tree pulling Yasuaki-chan as he lay on his stomach on the stepladder.

Question 10: Describe Totto-chan in a sentence or two.

Answer: Totto-chan was helpful, courageous and an adventurous young girl. She was a true friend who went beyond the surface to help her friend.

Question 11: Who said to whom?

(a) All right, try climbing up!”

Answer: Totto-chan said these words to Yasuaki-chan.

(b) “Excuse me, may I come in?”

Answer: Children had to use these words before climbing someone else’s tree.

(c) “May I come in?”

Answer: Yasuaki-chan said these words shyly to Totto-chan.

(d) “Now don’t be afraid.”

Answer: Totto-chan said this in a big sisterly voice to Yasuaki-chan.

(e) “Wait! I have got an idea.”

Answer: Totto-chan said to Yasuaki-chan when the latter was upset.

Question 12: Do you think Totto chan was right taking the chance of trying to get her friend up onto the tree, even though it was dangerous?

Answer: Yes, I think Totto-chan was right in taking the chance because as Yasuaki-chan would never have the unique experience of climbing a tree. Totto chan was also eager to show him the wonderful view from the tree top.

So, these were The Great Adventure Questions & Answers.

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