The Brogue Questions & Answers

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The Brogue Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • To get rid of – to become free from someone or something
  • Spring – (here) jump
  • Wheelbarrow – a small cart with one wheel in the front and two handles at the back
  • Disaster – (here) very bad situation
  • Pour with rain (idiom) – to rain heavily
  • Turkey – a large bird

Question 1: What did the Brogue do when a bird flew off the ground? Why does the narrator say he did this?

Answer: The Brogue would spring into the air at the same time when a bird flew off the ground. The narrator thinks that the Brogue did this to keep the bird’s company.

Question 2: Which animal did Mrs Mullet say she had compared the Brogue to when she spoke to Mr. Penricarde? What was Clovis’ response to this?

Answer: Mrs Mullet had compared the Brogue to a quiet lamb when she spoke to Mr. Penricarde. Clovis said that the horse or ‘the lamb’ had an entirely false reputation for calmness.

Question 3: Where did Jessie and Mr. Penricarde plan to go for their honeymoon? How did Jessie describe the place?

Answer: Jessie and Mr. Penricarde planned to go to Greece for their honeymoon. Jessie said that Greece looks so silly on the map.

Question 4: What was Mr Penricarde’s gift to his bride? What did Clovis think of this?

Answer: Mr. Penricarde gifted the horse, the Brogue to his bride Jessie. Clovis thought that Mr. Penricarde had very pleasing sense of humour.

Question 5: How did the horse’s behaviour make it unsuitable for family staying in the countryside?

Answer: The Mullet family’s horse, the Brogue was not afraid of the rods but there were one or two things which caused him to jump about rather wildly. He would ignore motor cars and bicycles but wheelbarrows, piles of stones by the roadside, baby carriages in a village street and very white gates, all made him start off suddenly in clear imitation of lightning’s zigzag course. If a bird flew noisily off the ground, the Brogue would spring into the air. So, the horse’s behaviour made it unsuitable for the family staying in the countryside.

Question 6: Why was Mrs Mullet unhappy? What did Clovis offer as a solution?

Answer: Mrs Mullet was unhappy because Mr. Penricarde liked her daughter, Jessie and he wanted to marry her. But Toby Mullet sold him their horse right at that moment. She was worried that Mr. Penricarde would call off the engagement once he found out that he had been tricked.

Mr. Clovis told Mrs. Mullet to invite Mr. Penricarde for a picnic next day and he would find an excuse to take him on a ride that day. The Brogue will be standing idle in the stable and Toby can offer to exercise it, then it can pick up a stone or something of the sort and conveniently become lame. If Mrs. Mullet hurry on the wedding a bit, the lameness story can be kept up till the ceremony is safely over.

So, these were The Brogue Questions & Answers.

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