The Lady Executive Questions & Answers

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The Lady Executive Questions & Answers

Choose the correct answer.

1. When Sheila joined the Zenith group, she was not

(a) twenty years old.
(b) soft-spoken.
(c) a housewife.
(d) an achiever.

2. ‘Young, talented people could blossom’ means

(a) they could be like flowers.
(b) they could show off their talents.
(c) they could develop good, successful qualities.
(d) they could make others work for them.

3. Things can get stagnant

(a) if you decide to move.
(b) if you are part of the same thing for a long time.
(c) if you shift too often.
(d) if you are part of a team.

4. Sheila earned the respect of her peers because

(a) of her sheer sincerity and dedication.
(b) she was one of the very first lady employees in the non-banking sector.
(c) she climbed the professional ladder easily.
(d) she could delegate work.

5. Sheila is considered charitable because

(a) she has a spiritual bent of mind.
(b) she became successful in the non-banking sector.
(c) her company serves the poor.
(d) she set up an orphanage.

6. Sheila is the perfect role model to any aspiring career woman because

(a) she balances her career and family life.
(b) she effectively manages time.
(c) she is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the modern.
(d) of all the above reasons.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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