The Restless Beauty Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by O.J Thomas. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Lady Executive, Falling Leaves and The Dusk so, you can check these posts as well.  

The Restless Beauty Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Thicket – a number of shrubs, bushes growing together
  • Delivered – saved
  • Apology of a tail – too short a tail; extremely bad example of a tail
  • Fluttered – flapped quickly without flying
  • Analysed – studied or examined in detail to understand or explain
  • Enslave – create a magical attraction
  • Annihilation – complete destruction
  • Nondescript – of no particular character; not easily described

Question 1: Arrange the events in the correct order.


…1…A deer came out of the thicket.
…5…It ate the grass undisturbed for some time.
…6…Suddenly it jerked all over, it ran away.
…4…It climbed down the little slope to the courtyard.
…3…It struggled hard with its hind legs.
…2…It started munching on the grass.

Question 3: In the line ‘Like a maiden waiting for her lover,’ _______ is compared to _______.

Answer: the restlessness of doe, restlessness of a maiden.

Question 4: ‘Like a General surveying the enemy territory.’ Explain this line.

Answer: This line means that while grazing, the deer was very alert so that no one could hurt it; just like an alert General who keeps an eye on the enemy.

Question 5: How do we know that the deer was alert?

Answer: We know that the deer was alert because it raised its head often enough to survey the field.

Question 6: ‘As it could still enslave the mind of a modern Sita.’ What is the allusion in this line?

Answer: In this line, the poet says that the deer is so beautiful and its beauty is so mesmerizing that in modern era also it can attract anyone just like it was earlier successful in trapping Sita.

Question 7: ‘Suddenly it jerked an over, it ran away.’ Why?

Answer: Suddenly it jerked an over, it ran away because it heard the sound of someone coming towards it.

Question 8: What contrast do you notice in the tone of the poem between the beginning and the end?

Answer: In the beginning, the poet was overjoyed seeing the beauty of the deer but at the end, when he remembered that the deer was hunted and its flesh was eaten by someone, makes him sad.

Question 9: What does the drunkard symbolize?

Answer: The drunkard symbolizes the destructor or the destroyer of the beautiful nature.

Question 10: Pick the line that shows man’s ruthlessness at killing beautiful creatures.

Answer: The line that shows man’s ruthlessness at killing beautiful creatures is:

To knock at the creation and the world,

Question 11: Why is tragedy associated with beauty in this poem?

Answer: In this poem, the tragedy is associated with beauty because in the beginning, it shows the beauty of the animal (deer) but later, that beautiful animal was hunted and killed.

Question 12: When does the poet’s peace of mind get disturbed and why does it happen?

Answer: The poet’s peace of mind gets disturbed when he remembers that the animals which he was finding so beautiful in the beginning was later hunted and killed and that beauty was destroyed.

So, these were The Restless Beauty Questions & Answers.

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