City Lights Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share City Lights Questions & Answers.

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City Lights Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. ‘Nocturnal creatures’ are creatures

(a) that disappear at night.
(b) that are active mainly at night.
(c) that are born at night.
(d) that sleep at night.

2. ‘A city that never sleeps’ means

(a) a city where everyone is awake.
(b) many people suffer from sleeplessness.
(c) there are lots of activities even after sunset.
(d) it is impossible to sleep well in a city.

3. Night is just an extension of the day in a city because

(a) artificial lights remove natural darkness.
(b) days are longer in a city
(c) nights are moonlit.
(d) night is just like day.

4. Light pollution means

(a) pollution that affects light.
(b) excessive brightening of the night sky by street lights and other artificial sources.
(c) light that is too colourful.
(d) excessive darkness that reduces the effect of light.

5. Light pollution is the most reversible form of pollution because

(a) by switching off the unnecessary lights, we can reduce the pollution.
(b) we can control it by reducing air pollution.
(c) it doesn’t occur when there is power shortage.
(d) it is not a serious kind of pollution.

Question 2: Why do the flavours of city night never ebb?

Answer: Flood lights transform the city into a luminous place. There are dazzling city lights all over, twinkling little stars become almost invisible, airplanes hoot through the night sky, the noxious fumes of speeding vehicles and the honk of traffic fill the air with noise pollution.

Question 3: Why is the loss of the night tragic?

Answer: The loss of the night is tragic because of its disastrous consequences that have pervaded every aspect of our lives, be it health, security, economy, energy conservation, ecology or astronomy.

Question 4: Satellite light maps of the Earth at night show parts of India as bright as the USA or western Europe. True or False?

Answer: True

Question 5: Why it important to reclaim the magic of night?

Answer: Children like Natasha have hardly seen a night which is lit with the brightness of stars in complete darkness. If they want to enjoy the wonderful sight of a star-studded night sky they have to travel further away from habitation. So, it is important to reclaim the magic of night for the sake of children like Natasha.

Question 6: Complete the following table.


As seen/heard/smelt by MiraAs seen/heard/smelt by Natasha
Quiet and peaceful nightFloodlights that remove darkness
Vast expanse of the starlit skyA patch of the grey sky
Twinkling little starsStars almost invisible
Shooting starsHooting of airplanes
The magic of a moonlight nightPale moon seen through haze
Fragrance of flowers filling the airFumes of speeding vehicles
Croaking of frogsHonk of traffic

So, these were City Lights Questions & Answers.

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