The Light Has Gone Out Of Our Lives Questions & Answers

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The Light Has Gone Out Of Our Lives Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who delivered this speech and when?

Answer: This immortal speech was delivered by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on the evening of 30th of January 1948, the day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

Question 2: “The light has gone out, I said and yet I was wrong” Explain?

Answer: Pt. Nehru first said that the light had gone out and he meant the sudden and terribly tragic loss of Gandhiji in flesh and blood. However, he corrected himself almost immediately because he realised that Gandhiji was not just a human being. He was much more than that. He was the sum total of qualities of truth and non-violence, a guide to the virtuous path and the talisman that the multitudes of Indians needed and hence an assassin’s bullets could kill his frail body but no power in the world could destroy his ideas which shone like a powerful light on India and the world.

Question 3: What does “the light” refer to?

Answer: The light refers to Mahatma Gandhi. Pt. Nehru uses extended metaphor to compare Mahatma Gandhi to a beacon of light that illuminated India and the world.

Question 4: What is the “poison” that has been spreading in the country, according to Pt. Nehru and why must it be rooted out?

Answer: The divisive and violent forces of communalism that seemed to be ripping India apart were the “poison” that Pt. Nehru refers to. These had to be rooted out because they were threatening to tear apart the social fabric of our beloved nation and this would only lead to further bloodshed which would be against the ethos preached by Mahatma Gandhi.

Question 5: What were the difficulties that Pt. Nehru refers to?

Answer: The difficulties that Pt. Nehru refers to were the bloody partition, the terrible communal riots that followed and our juvenile nation just stepping out of the shadow of colonialism.

Question 6: What according to the author is the “big disaster” and what does it teach us?

Answer: The cruel killing of our Father of the nation; Mahatma Gandhi was the dastardly act that Pt. Nehru talks about. According to him such a disaster should help the countrymen to transcend their differences, end their conflicts and emerge as a united nation.

Question 7: What is the mandate that he talked about?

Answer: The mandate that he talks about is the task of governing a newly independent India and usher it on the road to peace, unity and progress.

Question 8: Justify that Mahatma Gandhi was and continues to be the guiding light of India.

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi was no ordinary human being for he had the strength of character and the resolute power to inspire millions. He actually spoke to the soul of India when he said that “For a nation as ours, God can come only in the shape of a roti”. He was a beacon of light that epitomised truth, non-violence, unity and fraternity. His beliefs about communal harmony, caste equality, women’s education and environment friendly ways were relevant then and continue to be as relevant today! Today’s India faces communal acrimony from time to time, a substantial percentage of our women are still illiterate and we are grappling with pollution and hence the beliefs of Gandhiji that “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” or “there is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed” are extremely relevant. Thus, Mahatma Gandhi continues to be the guiding force which would help us wipe every tear from every eye.

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