The Lord of The jungle Questions & Answers

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The Lord of The jungle Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Gazing – A fixed look
  • Obliged – Used to thank someone and say that you are grateful
  • Alderman – A member of municipality
  • Illustration – an act of making something clear by giving examples
  • Slayer – Killer
  • Limpets – An edible plant with hard cover
  • Treading – Walking
  • Prowler – Who search prey
  • Cockles – An edible phylum with hard cover
  • Pacing – Moving on foot
  • Prey – A living thing eaten by another living being
  • Tremendous – Terrific
  • Menace – Something that is likely to cause harm
  • Leap – To jump
  • Foe – Enemy
  • Quarry – An animal which is hunted
  • Warlord – Ruler
  • Stag – An adult male deer
  • Barbs – A sharp hair like
  • Firmly – In a strong manner
  • Adversary – Opponent
  • Quills – Thorn like
  • Tucked – Hidden
  • Spears – A long sharp tip
  • Flutter – Wave quickly
  • Grip – To hold
  • Screeching – A shrill cry

Question 1: Write some specific features of a tiger.

Answer: A tiger is a four-footed prowler with wonderful sharp eyesight. It is a first-class swimmer and has a sharp sensation of hearing.

Question 2: Why tiger is an object of attraction everywhere?

Answer: Tiger is an object of attraction everywhere because everybody loves to see a tiger in a Zoo or in a circus.

Question 3: How does the tiger roam through the jungle at night?

Answer: The tiger moves in the jungle in search of its prey with a roar, awakening the whole world into a terror.

Question 4: How does a panther bring down his prey?

Answer: A panther springs up into the air and jumps on its prey and brings down it.

The Lord of The jungle Questions & Answers

Question 5: State the reaction of the animals when they see a tiger?

Answer: When a tiger is seen moving in the jungle, the stags roar, the monkeys start screeching, peacock flutters its wings and the jackal gets frightened.

Question 6: What is the duration for a tiger to go on for fasting?

Answer: A tiger generally kills prey after every four days. But it can fast for a fortnight or even three weeks if required.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
“No animals except porcupine can teach the tiger to mind his own business.”

(a) Why is a tiger scared of a Porcupine?

Answer: A tiger is scared of a Porcupine because it pierces all its quills in the body of tiger whenever there is a battle between them. Moreover, many a times the tiger gets defeated.

(b) Elaborate the physical features of a porcupine?

Answer: A porcupine is a rodent with sharp spines or quills which are raised when the animal is attacked or surprised.

(c) State the reaction of a human being when he sees a tiger?

Answer: Human beings also get scared by seeing a tiger. They grip their gun or rifle after having encounter with it.

(d) The tiger is called as the lord of the jungle justify.

Answer: The tiger is called as the lord of the jungle because all the animals of the jungle as well as the human beings are scared of him.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
“The tiger, indeed is one of the hair- raising animals that everyone wants to see.”

(a) In how many groups are the tigers divided?

Answer: Tigers are basically divided into two groups: deer & cattle slayer and the man-eaters.

(b) Why are tigers considered as a hair-raising animal?

Answer: Tigers are considered as a hair-raising animal because not only the animals of the forest but also the human beings are scared of him.

(c) What is the tiger’s method of attack?

Answer: Tigers arrive within the close range of its prey and take few balancing steps and later rushes forward.

(d) State the reason for tigers being called as tremendous walkers.

Answer: Tigers are tremendous walkers because the man-eaters can walk around 40 to 50 miles and even the ordinary tigers can walk 20 miles a night.

So, these were The Lord of The jungle Questions & Answers.

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