The Mitten Questions & Answers

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The Mitten is a folk tale from Ukraine, where the winters are very cold. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of My Parents Sent Me To The Store, The Monkey and The Dolphin and The Little Plant so, you can check these posts as well.

The Mitten Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hedgehog – a small animal which has sharp, needle-like hair
  • Mole – a small mouse-like animal that lives under the ground

Question 1: What was the boy’s name? What did he ask his grandma for?

Answer: The boy’s name was Nicki. He asked his grandma for a pair of white mittens.

Question 2: Why did his grandma want him to have red mittens?

Answer: Nicki’s grandma wanted him to have red mittens because the white mittens would have got lost in the snow.

Question 3: What was the colour of the mittens his grandma made for him?

Answer: The colour of the mitten which his Grandma made for him was white.

Question 4: How did the little boy lose his mitten?

Answer: The little boy lost his mitten while playing in the snow.

Question 5: Who found the mitten first?

Answer: A small owl found the mitten first.

The Mitten Questions & Answers

Question 6: How many animals went into the mitten? Name them.

Answer: Seven animals went into the mitten. First, the mole gets inside followed by the rabbit. Then, they allow the fox to get inside it. Afterwards, the hedgehog, bear, owl and a mouse get inside the mitten.

Question 7: Why did the animals want to get into the mitten?

Answer: All the animals wanted to get into the mitten because it was so warm.

Question 8: Why did the mitten split?

Answer: The mitten split because it could not hold so many animals.

Question 9: What happened when the bear sneezed?

Answer: When the bear sneezed, all the animals flew out of the mitten. The mitten then flew in the air and fell near Nicki’s house.

Question 10: Where did the animals get to sleep in the end?

Answer: All the animals went to sleep in their houses in the end.

Question 11: Who said these words?

(a) The mitten is so warm. Let me sleep for a while.

Answer: The owl

(b) Dear owl, it is cold outside. Will you let me in?

Answer: The rabbit

(c) Sure, rabbit. We must share our things.

Answer: The owl

(d) Wonder how the mitten grew so big! Why is it torn?

Answer: The little boy

Question 12: What do the animals teach us about sharing?

Answer: The animals in the story teach us that one should help others.

Question 13: What might have happened if the bear had not sneezed?

Answer: If the bear had not sneezed then, all the animals would have stayed inside the mitten. None of them would have found a home for themselves.

So, these were The Mitten Questions & Answers.

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