The Nawab of Salimabad – II Questions & Answers

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The Nawab of Salimabad – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the Nawab meet the farmer’s three sons?

Answer: The Commander of the cavalry was ordered to bring the three sons to see the Nawab.

Question 2: Who felt proud at serving the Nawab?

Answer: The three sons felt proud to serve the Nawab.

Question 3: What did the farmer’s wife give to the Nawab? Why?

Answer: The farmer’s wife gave a basket of onions to the Nawab. She wanted to thank the Nawab.

Question 4: What did the old lady receive as a present?

Answer: The old lady received a box full of gold coins as a present.

Question 5: Did the moneylender get a valuable present?

Answer: The moneylender did not get a valuable present; he got a box of onions.

Question 6: Why do you think the Nawab sent the boys home?

Answer: The Nawab sent the boys home to look after their parents.

Question 7: What kind of a man was the Nawab?

Answer: The Nawab was a great man and a good ruler.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

A businessman, sire. Yes, a businessman. I have brought you a gift.

(a) Who speaks these words?

Answer: The moneylender speaks these words.

(b) To whom are the words spoken?

Answer: The words are spoken to the Nawab.

(c) Why does the speaker repeat the word ‘businessman’?

Answer: The moneylender nearly tells the Nawab that he is a moneylender, then when the word is half out, he stops. He realizes that the Nawab will think if he is a moneylender, he has plenty of money. So, he changes the word to businessman and repeats it to make sure the Nawab has heard properly.

(d) What gift has he brought and why?

Answer: He has brought a horse because he thinks the Nawab will then give him an even more valuable present in return.

Question 9: Why did the moneylender give the Nawab a horse?

Answer: The moneylender gave the Nawab a horse because he thought the Nawab would be pleased with the gift and would give him a better present.

So, these were The Nawab of Salimabad – II Questions & Answers.

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