Outside My Window Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Outside My Window Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Claire Horsburgh. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of At Grandfather’s House, The Railway Journey and Sunning so, you can check these posts as well.

Outside My Window Questions & Answers

Word galaxy

  • Bicker – to argue over minor problems
  • Din – noise
  • Foraging – searching for food
  • Hollers – shouts or cries out loudly
  • Plucked – quickly removed from its place
  • Ruts – tracks or grooves created by repeated use
  • Squabbling – arguing

Question 1: Do the two animals get along with each other?

Answer: No, the two animals don’t get along with each other.

Question 2: Who is the narrator of the poem?

Answer: A person watching the animals from inside their house is the narrator of the poem.

Question 3: What are both animals collecting?

Answer: They are collecting food. Magpie: berries; Squirrel: nuts. Both collect bugs.

Question 4: What food is a favourite for both of the animals?

Answer: Little bugs is a favourite for both of the animals.

Question 5: What does Squirrel say to Magpie?

Answer: Squirrel says to Magpie, ‘Ha, it’s my garden!’

Question 6: What does Magpie say to Squirrel?

Answer: Magpie says to Squirrel, ‘Hey, don’t take my snack.’

Question 7: The person listening to the animals imagines that they are quarrelling. Find four words that mean the same as quarrel.

Answer: The words that mean the same as quarrel are – fight, arguing, squabbling and bicker.

Question 8: How do we know that the animals’ noise is disturbing the person in the house?

Answer: The person wonders why the animals’ bicker.

Question 9: In what ways are the two animals different?

Answer: The two animals are different because Magpie loves berries and flies while Squirrel loves nuts and runs.

Question 10: Now make a list of all the similarities between the two animals.

Answer: They both like bugs, collect food and fight with each other.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

I watch and I wonder:
Why must they bicker?

(a) Who is the narrator watching?

Answer: The narrator is watching Squirrel and Magpie.

(b) What does ‘bicker’ mean?

Answer: ‘Bicker’ means to argue over minor problems.

(c) The narrator imagines that the animals are bickering What do you think they are doing that sounds like bickering?

Answer: Making noises.

So, these were Outside My Window Questions & Answers.

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