At Grandfather’s House Questions & Answers

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At Grandfather’s House Questions & Answers

Question 1: How old is Heidi?

Answer: Heidi is five years old.

Question 2: What does Heidi see when she is exploring outside the house?

Answer: Heidi sees an empty goat house and some tall trees while exploring outside the house.

Question 3: What was the inside of the house like?

Answer: Inside, the ground floor is one big room. The grandfather’s bed is in one corner. A large fireplace is in the middle of the back wall of the house. Next to it, there is a large cupboard with some shelves.

Question 4: What did Heidi use to make her bed?

Answer: Heidi used hay and old cloths to make her bed.

Question 5: What could Heidi see from her bedroom window?

Answer: She could see right down the valley.

Question 6: What did Heidi use as a table at dinner time?

Answer: Heidi used a chair as a table at dinner time.

Question 7: What information tells us that Grandfather is a kind person?

Answer: He notices what Heidi needs, he makes her food, he gives her his chair as a table, he gathers more hay to make her bed more comfortable. All this tells us that Grandfather is a kind person.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

It is the best I’ve ever had’.

(a) Who was speaking?

Answer: Heidi was speaking.

(b) What question was the speaker replying to?

Answer: She was replying to the question: ‘Was the milk nice?’

(c) What was the speaker talking about?

Answer: She was talking about milk.

(d) Why did the speaker think that it was the best?

Answer: She was thirsty after her long hot journey.

Question 9: Do you think Grandfather is rich or poor? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Grandfather seems poor because he has so few possessions, simple things, and a small house.

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