The Story of Silk Questions & Answers

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The Story of Silk Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was silk discovered?

Answer: Silk was discovered in China.

Question 2: What did the girl who became an empress do to fill her time before she got married?

Answer: She worked from dawn to night, surrounded by friends and family who exchanged news and gossip as they worked.

Question 3: Why was the empress sad?

Answer: She missed her busy life and the company of her family and friends.

Question 4: What did the emperor do to make the empress happy?

Answer: He bought her grand clothes, jewels, and artefacts, threw elaborate parties, hired the best musicians of the land to amuse her.

Question 5: Where was the empress when she discovered silk and what was she doing?

Answer: The empress was in her garden sipping hot water from a cup.

Question 6: What was the great idea that the empress had?

Answer: To use the threads from many silk cocoons to weave soft, strong cloth from them.

Question 7: How did the empress, who discovered silk, know how to weave?

Answer: We are not told how she knew how to weave but we can presume that she had been involved in making clothes from yarn because that would have been common for a peasant girl long ago.

Question 8: What were the differences between the empress’s life before and after she got married? Why did they make her sad?

Answer: Before she got married: She spent a lot of time in open countryside, she was very busy and had a lot of close family and friends around her all the time.

After she was married: She was confined to the palace, she did not have anything to do, and she was surrounded by servants who would only speak to her if she spoke to them. We can presume that she was sad due to homesickness and/or loneliness.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

But then she took a closer look, and saw some threads peeping out from the cocoon.

(a) Who took a closer look?

Answer: The empress took a closer look.

(b) Where was the cocoon?

Answer: The cocoon was in the cup of hot water she had been drinking.

(c) How was she feeling at this time?

Answer: She was feeling sad at this time.

(d) What did she do after this?

Answer: She pulled the thread and had a great idea: to take the thread from many cocoons and weave soft, strong cloth from it.

(e) Why is this an important moment in the story?

Answer: This is the moment that silk was discovered.

So, these were The Story of Silk Questions & Answers.

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