The Flying Machine – I Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Flying Machine – I Questions & Answers.

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The Flying Machine – I Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Sami drawing?

Answer: Sami was drawing a flying machine.

Question 2: Describe Uncle Salim.

Answer: Uncle Salim was old and heavy and had a long moustache and a shiny bald head.

Question 3: What were the loops for?

Answer: The loops were for the feet.

Question 4: What materials and tools did Sami use to build his glider?

Answer: Sami used some bamboo, string, a newspaper, a knife, a screwdriver, and blue paint to build his glider.

Question 5: How long did it take to make the glider?

Answer: The glider took two months to build.

Question 6: How could the pilot control the glider?

Answer: The pilot could control the plane by using the loops and the bar. The loops of string were for the feet; the bar was moved with the hands. The pilot moved the bar to make the plane go up or down. To go right, the right foot had to be pushed down. To go left, the left foot had to be pushed down.

Question 7: Why did Uncle Salim think Sami’s machine would not fly?

Answer: Uncle Salim thought Sami’s machine would not fly because it was too small and had no engine.

Question 8: Why was Uncle Salim not frightened?

Answer: Uncle Salim was not frightened because he thought the glider would never leave the ground.

Question 9: Write True or False:

(a) Uncle Salim was not very heavy – False
(b) Sami used the garage as a workshop – True
(c) Sami didn’t use any screws – False
(d) Sami covered the wings with cloth – False
(e) Uncle Salim thought the glider wouldn’t fly – True

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

At that moment, he heard a knock at the front door and ran to see who it was.

(a) Who ran to the front door?

Answer: Sami ran to the front door.

(b) Who was at the front door?

Answer: Uncle Salim was at the front door.

(c) What had been finished at that moment?

Answer: Sami’s design for the flying machine.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: Sami took Uncle Salim inside and showed him the drawings of his flying machine. Uncle Salim studied the drawings and said the machine would not fly.

So, these were The Flying Machine – I Questions & Answers.

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