The Railway Journey Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Railway Journey Questions & Answers.

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The Railway Journey Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why were Saher and Razi travelling by train?

Answer: Saher and Razi were travelling to Lahore to stay with their friend Moiz.

Question 2: How did the boys pass their time on the train?

Answer: The boys spread their sheets on the bunks, ate their food while enjoying the cool night air blowing through the open window, watched the lights of the cars in the distance, and then settled down for the night.

Question 3: What happened when the train stopped at the station?

Answer: When the train stopped at the station, a man put his hand through the window and stole Razi’s wallet.

Question 4: How was the thief caught?

Answer: Razi and Timmy chased the thief on to the platform. Razi told the stationmaster and some other men what happened, and just then they heard a cry from the railway yard. They climbed over the railings into the yard and found that Timmy had trapped the thief.

Question 5: What did Saher do to stop the train?

Answer: Saher pulled the (emergency) chain to stop the train.

Question 6: Who said the following?

a. I pulled the chain.

Answer: Saher

b. Over there, near the wall!

Answer: One of the men

c. What happened?

Answer: The stationmaster

d. Don’t do anything foolish.

Answer: Razi’s father

e. Stop! Thief!

Answer: Razi

f. Well done, Timmy.

Answer: Razi (everyone)

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The guard blew his whistle. Slowly, the train began to move. Everyone waved.

(a) Who were on the platform? Who were in the train?

Answer: Razi’s father and mother and Saher’s young sister were on the platform. Razi, Saher, and Timmy were in the train.

(b) Where was the train going?

Answer: The train was going to Lahore City Station.

(c) What advice had those on the train received and from whom?

Answer: Razi’s father told Razi to be careful and not to do anything foolish. Razi’s mother told him not to stand near the door or to put his hands out of the windows. Saher’s sister told the boys to look after their money.

(d) What did those on the train do as soon as the train left the station?

Answer: They spread their sheets on their bunks.

So, these were The Railway Journey Questions & Answers.

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