The Old Rocking Horse Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Old Rocking Horse Questions & Answers.

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The Old Rocking Horse Questions & Answers

Question 1: How does the rocking horse look and what is it made of?

Answer: The rocking horse has eyes like sapphire by the fire. It is made up of wood.

Question 2: What places did the poet visit with his rocking horse?

Answer: Places where wild roses bloom, seas and far off lands, dragons on high mountains where dragons live, skies where the eagle soars, fairies as small as an eye, land of moon – these are the places the poet visited with his rocking horse.

Question 3: How does the child describe his/her flight?

Answer: The child in the poem describes his/her flight with words ‘I have soared like an eagle up in the sky’. He/she compares self to an eagle which can fly very high and with good speed.

Question 4: With whom does the child have daring adventures?

Answer: The child had daring adventures with grand princes.

Question 5: Why do you think rocking horse loved his master dearly?

Answer: The rocking horse loved his master dearly as he had promised him that he would always be with him.

The Old Rocking Horse Questions & Answers

Question 6: Describe the rocking horse.

Answer: The rocking horse was old, had eyes like sapphires and stood by the fire.

Question 7: With whom does the child dance?

Answer: According to the poet, the child dances with fairies and witches on brooms in ‘the land of the moon’.

Question 8: Where does the child fight with dragons?

Answer: The child fights with dragons on high mountains.

Question 9: What strange mythical creatures does the poet mention in the poem?

Answer: The mythical creatures mentioned in the poem are dragons, fairies, witches.

Question 10: Identify the figure of speech in the following lines:

(a) his eyes were as black as coal

Answer: Simile

(b) The promises he whispers close to my ear

Answer: Personification

Question 11: Choose the correct option:

(a) The old rocking horse was placed by the __________ in the room.

(i) bed

(ii) fire

(iii) door

(iv) chair

(b) The fire makes the eyes of the rocking horse______________.

(i) look bright like sapphires

(ii) shine like diamonds

(iii) sparkle like gold

(iv) look dull like coal

(c) The fairies the poet danced with were _____________.

(i) as small as an eye

(ii) Bright as a sapphire

(iii) as small as an eagle

(iv) as big as a dragon

(d) The poet flew with the rocking horse to the land of__________.

(i) Mars

(ii) Moon

(iii) Venus

(iv) Jupiter

(e) The poet soared up in the sky with the rocking horse like an _____.

(i) eagle

(ii) dragon

(iii) sparrow

(iv) fairy

So, these were The Old Rocking Horse Questions & Answers.

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