The Snare Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by James Stephens who expresses his dismay about the rabbit caught in the snare and then relates his desperate attempt to find the animal. In one of my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Twenty Froggies so, you can check that post as well.

The Snare Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the poet hear?

Answer: The poet heard a sudden cry of a rabbit in pain.

Question 2: Why was the rabbit crying?

Answer: The rabbit was crying in pain because its paw was caught in a snare.

Question 3: What was it that made everything afraid?

Answer: The frightened cry of the rabbit made everything afraid.

Question 4: Why was the narrator unable to help it?

Answer: The narrator was unable to help the rabbit because he could not find the rabbit.

Question 5: What kind of a cry does the poet hear?

Answer: The poet hears a painful cry.

Question 6: What happens to the rabbit’s face when it cries?

Answer: The rabbit wrinkles its face when it cries.

The Snare Questions & Answers

Question 7: How does the rabbit feel in the snare?

Answer: The rabbit feels frightened and sad in the snare.

Question 8: What kind of atmosphere was created by the cry of the rabbit?

Answer: The rabbit’s painful cries had created an atmosphere of fear and pain. The rabbit’s distress and pain could be sensed in the surrounding atmosphere and this further added to the agony and distress.

Question 9: Do you think the speaker was kindhearted? Give reasons for your answer?

Answer: The poet was kind-hearted because the moment he heard the rabbit’s cries, he started searching for the rabbit. Even though he could not find the rabbit he did not give up his search and continued to search for it.

Question 10: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

“And I cannot find ………..
Where his paw…………..;
Little one!……………
I am searching……………..

(a) What does the line, “Little one! Oh, little one!” suggest?
Answer: It suggests deep sympathy of the poet for the rabbit.

(b) Which place was the poet unable to find?
Answer: He was unable to find that place where the rabbit’s paw is in the snare.

The Snare Questions & Answers

Question 11: What is the meaning of the phrase ‘frightened air’.

Answer: The phrase ‘frightened air’ means the rabbit’s painful cries had created an atmosphere of fear and pain.

Question 12: Who was afraid and why?

Answer: Both rabbit and the poet were afraid. Rabbit was afraid because he was trapped in the snare and the poet was also afraid because he was unable to locate the rabbit.

Question 13: What is the theme of the poem?

Answer: The poem talks about the protection and freedom of wild animals. The poet hears the cries of the rabbit in the snare and expresses his sympathy for this poor little creature. He tries to locate it everywhere however, he cannot find it. The poem expresses the poet’s kindness and sympathy for all those who are in trouble or pain. He finds mankind suffering but is unable to offer any help. Through this poem, the poet is trying to create sympathy and love in readers towards wild animals.

Question 14: Describe the universal appeal of the poem.

Answer: Through this poem, the poet is trying to raise the issue of the plight of the animals. He is an animal lover and highlights the need for protection & freedom of wild animals.

Question 15: Fill in the blanks

(a) The poet heard a sudden cry of pain.
(b) The poet is kind-hearted because he is searching for the rabbit to set it free.
(c) The rabbit wrinkles up his face in pain.

So, these were The Snare Questions & Answers.

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