The Snare Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Snare Stanza Wise Summary.

The poem is written by James Stephens who expresses his dismay about the rabbit caught in the snare and then relates his desperate attempt to find the animal. In my previous post, I have shared The Snare Questions & Answers so, you can check that post as well.

The Snare Stanza Wise Summary

Word Galaxy

  • Snare – Trap
  • Aid – Help
  • Paw – Foot of an animal
  • Wrinkling-the-face – (Here) creasing the face in pain
  • Frightened – Afraid
  • Cry – Sad tears

Stanza – 1

“I hear a sudden………………………… cannot tell from where.”

The poet hears a cry which appears suddenly making him aware and he tries to listen it more. He recognizes the sound of a rabbit trapped in a snare. The rabbit is making sound in pain. He hears the sound again but is not aware where it is coming from.

Stanza – 2 & 3

“But I cannot tell…………………………… cannot find the place!”

The rabbit is calling out for help and the poet hears the cry again. He tries to locate the poor rabbit but fails to locate the place. The rabbit’s painful cries create an atmosphere of fear and pain. The rabbit’s distress and pain can be sensed in the surrounding atmosphere and it creates horror. The cries become loud and everything is over powered by their effect.

The poet in his imagination can see the rabbit’s paw caught in the snare. He can see the rabbit’s face creasing in pain. The cry comes again and again but the poet is unable to locate the place from where it is coming.

The Snare Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 4

“And I cannot find…………………… searching everywhere!”

The poet again imagines the rabbit’s paw trapped in the snare. He is left with no other than to cry in pain as he is stuck and cannot go anywhere. The poet tries to call the poor little rabbit however, he knows that the rabbit cannot answer. Till the end of the poem, the poet keeps searching for the rabbit but he cannot find it.

The poem talks about the protection and freedom of wild animals. The poet hears the cries of rabbit in the snare and expresses his sympathy for this poor little creature. He tries to locate it everywhere however, cannot find it. The poem expresses the poet kindness and sympathy for all those who are in trouble or pain. He finds the mankind suffering but is unable to offer any help. Through this poem, the poet is trying to create sympathy and love in readers towards wild animals.

So, this was The Snare Stanza Wise Summary.

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