The Outlaws’ Report Questions & Answers

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The Outlaws’ Report Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Outlaws – criminals who are hiding to avoid
  • Wages – money you earn
  • Want – something you need but do not have
  • Better conditions – improved quality of life
  • Bitterly – in an angry way
  • Worn out – damaged by long and hard usage
  • Pantomime – a play for children in which traditional stories are performed with jokes, music and songs.

Question 1: Why were the Outlaws angry with grown-ups? How were they going to deal with it?

Answer: The Outlaws were angry with the grownups because the adults only talked about better conditions for themselves and they never thought about children. The children still have to deal with school, difficult subjects, punishments and other things that made their life difficult.
The Outlaws were going to come up with their own report that had demands for children.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
“….It’s about time we had a bit of this equality that people are always talking about”.

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: William said this to the other Outlaws.

(b) What is the “equality” that the speaker thinks he doesn’t have?

Answer: The ‘equality’ that the speaker thinks he doesn’t have is about ‘freedom from want and fear’. He feels that children are punished for breaking things, forgetting things and being rude to each other whereas grown-ups are not.

(c) How would you describe the speaker’s mood?

Answer: William is quite upset and angry. He is determined to get children what he thinks they deserved.

Question 3: How would you describe the demands the Outlaws were making? Would you call them sensible?

Answer: The Outlaws demands would make the lives of children much more relaxed and fun filled. They would get a lot of free time if they got as many holidays as school working days. The increased pocket money would allow them to buy as many sweets and toys as they liked. Even School studies would become easier without Latin, French and Arithmetic. Having no punishment would mean that they can do anything they like.

These demands are fun but they are not sensible. Firstly, no one would actually give them the things they asked for. Secondly, they would hardly learn anything if they get so many holidays and so many subjects removed. No punishments would also mean no discipline. The demands though they are fun, would not be good for them.

Question 4: The thieves who stole the briefcase were in for a surprise. How were the Outlaws responsible for this?

Answer: The thieves who had stolen the briefcase were in for a surprise because they did it to get their hands on Major Hamilton’s documents but they could not find it. They would only find the Outlaws report.

The Outlaws had decided to place the report in Major Hamilton’s briefcase so that it would go to the government in London and become an act of Parliament. William had taken the major’s papers out of the briefcase to put the Outlaw’s report in. But he had forgotten to put them back in.

The Outlaws’ Report Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
“….the three remaining Outlaws stood staring after it, their faces frozen with horror.”

(a) What were the Outlaws staring at?

Answer: The Outlaws were staring at the moving car that had William in it. William had got into the car to search for the papers.

(b) Why were the Outlaws horrified?

Answer: The Outlaws were horrified because Major Hamilton could discover William and they could all get into trouble.

(c) Did all the Outlaws react the same way?

Answer: No, all the Outlaws didn’t react the same way. William, who was in the car with Major Hamilton continued looking for the papers without any worry.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
He’d better put them back again or he’d get into trouble with the government.

(a) Who is the ‘he’ here? What does the word ‘them’ refer to?

Answer: ‘He’ is William. ‘Them’ refers to those papers of Major Hamilton that William had taken out of the briefcase in order to place the Outlaws’ report inside.

(b) How did ‘he’ get into trouble with the government?

Answer: If Major Hamilton found only the Outlaws report inside the briefcase and not his own papers, he would think that the Outlaws had stolen them.

(c) What did ‘he’ do next?

Answer: William immediately went to the hotel to return the papers to Major Hamilton.

Question 7: William is no ordinary child. He is fearless, quick thinking and full of creative and crazy ideas. Describe William’s character with examples from the text.

Answer: William is an intelligent boy with lots of ideas. When he heard about the Beveridge Report, he immediately realised that it does not say anything about children. He wants to have a report of his own so that the government will improve children’s lives as well. Along with other Outlaws he comes up with creative demands for children.

William is also innocent because he believes that his report will be taken seriously by the government. He is a brave boy who is determined to get what he wants. He also has crazy ideas that he is not afraid to carry out, for example – replacing the papers in Major’s briefcase.

Question 8: What was more important to the Outlaws’- their report or the pantomime? Why do you think so?

Answer: The pantomime was more important to the Outlaws. The Outlaws were disappointed when they realised that their report would not be made into an act of Parliament. But when they heard that Major Hamilton had promised to take them to a pantomime as reward, they cheered up immediately and forgot all about the report.

So, these were The Outlaws’ Report Questions & Answers.

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