Echo Questions & Answers

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Echo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False

(a) Ancient Greek gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus – True
(b) People believed that wall of the palaces were covered with gold and silver – False
(c) Jupiter ruled over earth and heaven – True
(d) Echo was a nymph who loved to sing – True
(e) Juno got angry at echo and banished her from the forest – False
(f) Echo was heartbroken when Narcissus did not return her love – True
(g) Echo decided to take revenge and she killed Narcissus – False

Question 2: Briefly describe the abode of ancient Greek gods and goddesses.

Answer: It is believed that the Greek gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus among the clouds and the stars. Their halls were made of marble and shining pillars and their thrones of gold and silver. The walls of their palaces were covered with such beautiful pictures that no man could have ever painted. These were the pictures of beautiful sunset sky when it has the combination of pink, gold and purple clouds sinking in the west.

Question 3: Who was Juno? Describe her character.

Answer: Juno was the wife of Jupiter who was the king of the gods, who ruled both the people of the Earth as well as the heaven. Hence, Juno was the queen of heaven and helped Jupiter in his work. She was selfish and jealous and due to this, she often made herself and others unhappy.

Question 4: Who were nymphs?

Answer: Just like many gods and goddesses that lived their life above clouds and stars, there were beautiful female spirits called Nymphs that lived on the beautiful Earth below. They were minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas.

Question 5: What was Echo’s one great fault?

Answer: Echo’s one great fault was that, she was too talkative. She told such interesting stories that her listeners would forget how time had passed.

Echo Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did Juno get angry at Echo?

Answer: As Echo was great in telling interesting stories, Juno too would listen to Echo’s delightful tales. However, one day she found that Echo amused her only to please Jupiter, as Jupiter sometimes felt tired of Juno and wished to be alone. This made Juno angry at Echo.

Question 7: Why couldn’t Echo speak to Narcissus?

Answer: When Juno got angry at Echo, she punished Echo by taking away the power of her speech, which meant that Echo could no longer speak and could only repeat the last words of others. This was the reason that Echo couldn’t speak to Narcissus.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
‘Is there anyone here?’

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: Narcissus said these words.

(b) Which place does the word ‘here’ refer to in the above lines?

Answer: The word ‘here’ refers to the forest where Narcissus was wandering through with his comrades and happened to lost his way.

(c) Why did the speaker ask if ‘anyone’ was there?

Answer: Narcissus had lost his way in the forest and was searching for his comrades. During this search, he called out to check if ‘anyone’ can hear his voice and would respond back.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
Poor Echo! His unkind looks had hurt her deeply…

(a) Whose ‘unkind looks’ had hurt Echo?

Answer: Narcissus’ ‘unkind looks’ had hurt Echo deeply.

(b) What happened to Echo after the above incident?

Answer: After the above incident Echo was sad. She wept, grieved and hid herself in the woods. She became pale and thin until her body vanished altogether leaving only her voice.

(c) Where has Echo been since then?

Answer: Since then, Echo is hidden in the woods and never seen, however, her voice can still be heard among the hills, answering to every call.

So, these were Echo Questions & Answers.

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