Falcons Can Fly Questions & Answers

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Falcons Can Fly Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Falcon – a bird which has long pointed wings and can fly very fast
  • Sanctuary – a place where birds and animals are kept safe and cared for
  • Adequate – satisfactory
  • Ability – skill to do something
  • In the wild – to the forest
  • Magician – a person with magical power
  • Vet – doctor of animals
  • Took flight – take off and fly
  • Surprised – a feeling of sudden wonder
  • Comfortable – providing physical ease and relaxation

Question 1: What was the specialty of the King of Janakpura?

Answer: The King of Janakpura was known for his kind heart. He was not only kind to fellow human beings but was also full of love for birds and animals.

Question 2: What order was passed by the King in his kingdom?

Answer: The King had a huge bird sanctuary in his capital and he had passed the order that no one should kill animals and birds in his kingdom.

Question 3: What are the falcons known for?

Answer: Falcons are best known for their ability to fly very fast. They can even change direction without losing speed.

Question 4: Why did the King call a bird trainer?

Answer: The King called a bird trainer to look after the two falcons because they have come from a different climate and needed proper care.

Question 5: Was the bird trainer successful in taking care of falcons?

Answer: Yes, the bird trainer was successful in taking care of falcons. He gave them adequate food and a shady tree to stay in. He also asked a vet to visit them regularly to make sure that they were growing into healthy birds.

Falcons Can Fly Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
The King said, ‘Don’t worry. You have tried your best. I am sending for a great trainer from Kabul. He will be able to train these falcons.’

(a) Who was the King speaking to?

Answer: The King speaking to the bird trainer.

(b) Why was the listener worried?

Answer: He was worried as he was not able to train the falcons to fly.

(c) What was the great trainer expected to do when he came over?

Answer: The great trainer was expected to make the falcons fly in a week’s time.

Question 7: Which assignment was given by the King to the trainer from Kabul?

Answer: The trainer from Kabul was given the assignment of teaching the falcons to fly very fast in a week’s time.

Question 8: How did the trainer from Kabul manage to train the falcons?

Answer: The trainer from Kabul asked two men to stand near the tree on which the falcons were sitting with sharp axes. As soon as the king reached the tree, the men chopped the branch off the tree. Both the birds took flight at a great speed which was never seen before.

Question 9: Why did the King reward the trainer?

Answer: The King rewarded the trainer not for making the falcons fly but for teaching him a valuable lesson.

Question 10: What lesson did the King learn from the great trainer?

Answer: The King learned a valuable lesson from the trainer that if all our needs will be taken care of then, no one will move to work and look after anyone.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
Many of our children can fly if there is a need. They don’t because their parents take care of everything for them.

(a) Who spoke these words?

Answer: The great trainer from Kabul spoke these words.

(b) What does he mean by ‘our children can fly’?

Answer: By ‘our children can fly’, he means that our children are quite talented and are capable of doing great things only if they are made to do.

(c) Do you think that parents are right in taking care of their children? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: Though parents always think about their children but there are some parents who do everything for their children rather than making them independent. Parents should teach their children life skills so that they can manage things in case of any emergency.

So, these were Falcons Can Fly Questions & Answers.

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