A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

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A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trek – a long, difficult walk, usually through mountains and forests
  • Gift – a natural ability
  • Sign-post – a pole at the side of a road that gives information about routes and distances
  • Obstacles – things that block one’s way
  • Muttered – said something in a low, annoyed manner
  • Bitterly – in an angry way
  • Exact – accurate
  • Wasp – a winged insect which has a sting

Question 1: What was the first problem that the three friends came across? 

Answer: The first problem that the three friends came across was that, at a few miles later, the road divided into three. An old sign post indicated that the road to the left is a place that they had never heard of and the other arm had disappeared.

Question 2: What happened when Jerome tried to lead them to Todtmoos? 

Answer: When Jerome tried to lead them to Todtmoos, the road suddenly ended in a large wasp’s nest. 

Question 3: How did Harris want to solve the problem? 

Answer: Harris wanted to use science to solve the problem. He believed that science was exact and hence, he could easily find the north and pinpoint their location with respect to the north.

Question 4: Why did George want to go back to the village? 

Answer: George wants to go back to the village because, he was tired of walking and also, he wants to hire a boy who can guide them to Todtmoos village and it would save their time. 

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

(a) How do you think George felt at this point? Was he right to feel this way? 

Answer: George felt that he had done everything that his friends had asked even though they had not needed his advice. He also felt annoyed that instead of doing the most practical thing, they were trying out ideas that had a good chance of going wrong.
Yes, he was right to feel this way because he was tired of walking. 

(b) How was George’s plan different from the other two men? 

Answer: George’s plan was practical and interesting one because that man led them to Todtmoos straight away and saved the other men time and energy.

A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did all three of them remember the church? 

Answer: All three of them remembered the church because it was not only beautiful but also had an outside staircase which was an unusual feature.

Question 7: Describe the scene when the friends see the church in your own words.

Answer: The friends followed Harris’ plan and walked for half an hour before coming to an opening. From this point, they could see below them the village from where they started their journey. It was a pretty church with an outside staircase which was quite an uncommon feature. Jerome felt sad because even after walking for so long, they reached the same position from where they had started. On the other hand, Harris felt delighted and George was disappointed.

Question 8: Who solved the problem in the end? What was the solution? 

Answer: In the end, George solved the problem. He decided to pay the man the worth of the hay he was cutting so that he could help them reach the Todtmoos village. 

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

(a) Did George think the old man’s direction were helpful? Why did he think so? 

Answer: No, George did not think that the old man’s directions were helpful. He thought so because they have reached to the place which was surrounded by many hills and it was not possible to understand which hill the old man spoken of.

(b) How did Harris react to George’s comment? 

Answer: Harris emphasized that the old man had said that they would come to a wood. 

A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers

Question 10: How did Harris plot the direction he wanted to go in? 

Answer: Harris decided to use the science which is exact and follow the sun. He took his watch and began turning round and round. He pointed the short hand at the sun, and then divided the part between the short hand and the twelve and thus, they got the North direction. 

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:


(a) Why was Jerome sad? 

Answer: Jerome was sad because after walking for three and a half hours, they had reached to the same place from where they have started. 

(b) Why was Harris Happy? 

Answer: Harris felt happy because now he was certain about their location thought they did not know the name of the place. He thought he would be able to finally find the correct direction with the help of science.

Question 12: Contrast what the three friends had heard at the village with what actually happened? 

Answer: The three friends had been told that the road they were supposed to follow lay over the mountain. It was not a road that they could miss. A few miles further, the road would divide into three. However, they faced several problems because one of the arms of the sign post had disappeared and the road to the left of the old sign post indicated a place they had never heard of. The road to the right of the sign post led them back to the village from where they had begun their journey. So, what was supposed to be an easy route and a pleasant walk turned into the three friends walking around for about four hours while lost in a foreign country.

Question 13: How does Jerome describe his talent? What does the description actually tell us you about the skills? 

Answer: Jerome has a gift for finding his way in strange places. But he also says that mountains, rivers, and other obstacles get in way. The description tells us that Gerome was good at finding his way in strange places but in reality, he was easily confused and in fact, is no better than his friends at figuring out the correct route. This means that any skill cannot be utilised without proper cooperation and encouragement. 

So, these were A Walk To Remember Questions & Answers.

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