Skipping Shoes Questions & Answers

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Skipping Shoes Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Aching – having pain
  • Curiously – to know something eagerly
  • Grumbled – complained
  • Willingly – done readily
  • Imitate – to copy somebody
  • Trotting briskly – walking quickly
  • Waltzed – danced
  • Zipped away – rushed off speedily
  • Bewitched – under a magic spell
  • Airy bounds – light and delicate steps

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) One day, Kitty was given a shiny_______

i. plate
ii. a pair of shoes
iii. pair of gloves

(b) Kitty charmed all the girls by_______

i. dancing prettily
ii. fetching Willy’s ball
iii. being friendly

(c) When Kitty’s sister asked her to pick some strawberries, the shoes _______

i. stopped her from going to the strawberry bed
ii. landed her in the strawberry bed with one jump
iii. made her dance

(d) The cricket thought Kitty was related to his cousin, the Grasshopper, because Kitty _______

i. understood what the cricket said
ii. spoke like him
iii. took long leaps like him

Question 2: What kind of a girl was Kitty at the beginning of the story?

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Kitty was a girl who didn’t like to do what others said and who always grumbled ‘I won’t’ or ‘I can’t’

Question 3: Describe the first thing that occurred when kitty put on her new shoes?

Answer: When kitty put on her new shoes, her mother asked her to tell the cook to make a pie for dinner. Kitty started grumbling ‘I can’t’ but the shoes jumped and swept her downstairs into the kitchen.

Question 4: What did Kitty’s father ask her to do? Did Kitty complete the task willingly?

Answer: Kitty’s father asked her to post some letters at the post office before school. No, Kitty did not complete the task willingly. She tried to refuse but the shoes trotted down the street and took her to the post office, not even allowing her to stop at the bridge where she wanted to watch the boats.

Question 5: At break time, why did Kitty get angry?

Answer: At break time, Kitty got angry because a girl called Dolly knocked down the house of corn-cobs that Kitty had built.

Question 6: Why did Kitty offer to get Willy’s ball?

Answer: Kitty offered to get Willy’s ball because she wanted to test if she was correct about how the shoes worked. She had begun to realise that they were cooperative when she was kind and good but stubborn when she tried to be naughty.

Question 7: How did Kitty charm all the girls?

Answer: Kitty charmed all the girls by dancing and twirling gracefully in her new magical shoes.

Skipping Shoes Questions & Answers

Question 8: How did Kitty feel after she delivered the bundles to the poor? Why?

Answer: Kitty felt happy after delivering the bundles to the poor. She felt happy because people always feel good when they do kind things for others.

Question 9: What did the cricket tell Kitty regarding her shoes?

Answer: The cricket told Kitty that her shoes had been bewitched by the fairies as it was midsummer’s day, and the fairies liked to play pranks on that day. The magic in her shoes would remain until sunset. It was also responsible for allowing Kitty to understand the animals and insects.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
“Hello! Are you related to my cousin, grasshopper?

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The cricket said this to Kitty.

(b) Where were these words said?

Answer: These words were said in the fairy land.

(c) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: The cricket said this because Kitty took such long leaps just like the grasshopper.

Question 11: Do you think that the shoes helped Kitty a better person? If yes, how?

Answer: The shoes did help Kitty to become a better person. She learned that it felt good to do kind deeds and to be obedient and cooperative. After that day, she did errands willingly.

Question 12: What lesson did Kitty learn from the shoes?

Answer: Kitty learned several lessons from the shoes. They taught her the values of obedience and kindness. When she delivered the bundles to the poor, she experienced the joy of giving. When she obeyed her mother and father, she had the joy of their approval and cooperation. She also remembered the pretty dance steps she had learned while wearing the shoes. Her day spent talking with the insects and animals of Fairyland taught her to appreciate and enjoy nature.

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