The Six Napoleons Important Questions & Answers

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The Six Napoleons Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who is Mr Harker? Where does he live? Who had gone to meet him? 

Answer: Mr. Harker was a journalist. He lived at 131 Pitt Street, Kensington Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson had gone to meet him.

Question 2: Which incident had taken place in Mr Harker’s house? How was the incident related to the other case earlier?

Answer: A murder had taken place in Mr. Harker’s house. Along with the murder, a bust of Napoleon had also been stolen and had been destroyed just as in the other cases.

Question 3: What did Mr Harker say in his account of what had happened? 

Answer: Harker narrated that he was writing late in the night and at around three o’ clock, he suddenly, heard a horrible scream. He froze with horror. Seizing his poker, he went down. He entered the room and found that windows were open and the bust of Napoleon was gone from the mantel piece. He walked to the front door step and stumbled over the body of a dead man lying on the ground there.

Question 4: Describe the victim of the incident? Which things were found from him? 

Answer: The victim was all sunburnt, strongman, not more than thirty and poorly dressed. His pocket contained an apple, a map of London and a photograph.

Question 5: Which was the common element in all the queer cases that Holmes was dealing with? Where did he catch the main culprit and how? 

Answer: In every case, the bust of Napoleon belonging to their respective owners had been destroyed by the culprit. Holmes caught the main culprit at Laburnum Lodge, in Mr Josiah Brown’s house. Holmes, Watson and Lestrade kept themselves hidden in the shadow of the fence and when the culprit came out with the bust of Napoleon and started to tap it, Holmes sprang upon him and the other two hand-cuffed him.

The Six Napoleons Important Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

Holmes placed a ten pound note on the table and asked him to sign a paper in our presence. It simply said with the return of the money, he transferred every possible right of the bust to Sherlock Homes.

(a) From whom did Holmes buy the bust? Why did he make him sign the agreement?

Answer: Holmes bought the bust from Mr. Sandeford of Reading. Holmes made him sign an agreement so that Mr Sandeford could not have any claim on the bust of Napoleon later.

(b) What did Holmes do next? What startling discovery was made? 

Answer: Holmes spread a white cloth on the table and placed the bust on it. Then, he struck the bust a hard blow on the head breaking it into pieces. He bent over the shattered remains and picked up a round dark object giving a shout of triumph. The startling discovery was that the round dark object was the famous black pearl of Borgias.

(c) Who was the main culprit as it came to light? Why was he breaking all the busts? 

Answer: As it came to light, the Italian sculptor, Beppo was the main culprit. He was breaking the busts because he himself had hidden the famous black pearl of Bourgias which he had stolen. Being uncertain of which particular bust had the pearl, he kept on stealing and breaking the busts.

(d) What previous crime did Holmes recall to solve the case? 

Answer: Holmes recalled the stealing of the black pearl from Prince of Colonna’s bedroom. Pietro Vennuci’s sister had stolen it and had given to Pietro. Later, Beppo got it from him. 

(e) Why had Beppo murdered Pietro Venucci? How did Holmes catch him?

Answer: Pietro followed Beppo closely to Horace Harker’s house and blamed him for the loss of the pearl. There, during a scuffle, Beppo stabbed and killed him. Holmes had come to know what Beppo was after. The name of the murdered man linked one thing to another and Holmes caught Beppo.

So, these were The Six Napoleons Important Questions & Answers.

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