The Snow Goose Questions & Answers

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The Snow Goose Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grime – dirt
  • Ogre – A terrifying person
  • Eerily – Strangely
  • Pinions – the outer part of bird’s wing including the flight feathers
  • Kirtle – an old-fashioned loose gown
  • Deft – quick and skillful
  • Ordeal – horrific Experience
  • Whirled – move or cause to move rapidly round and round

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) It was after three years that Rhayader had a visitor at his lighthouse studio.
(b) Rhayader was kind in his manner towards his frightened visitor.
(c) Rhayader was confident that when splint would set in the bird would have feathers and be able to fly again.
(d) The bird according to Rhayader was a very young one.
(e) The Snow goose was happy to nibble at the handful of grain offered to it by Rhayader.
(f) With the departure of the snow goose Rhayader’s life was once again filled with loneliness.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) It was morning when Fritha arrived holding an injured snow goose – False
(b) Fritha was confident that the ogre would be able to help the injured bird – True
(c) Besides, observing the skillful handling of the injured bird, Fritha was much taken by the story narrated by Rhayader – True
(d) The Snow goose had fallen victim to a hunter in the marshland – True
(e) The Snow goose had beautiful violet eyes – False
(f) Rhayader was the first to see the recovered snow goose fly away – False

Question 3: Describe Fritha as she appeared before Rhayader for the first time.

Answer: Fritha was no more than 12, slender, nervous and timid as a bird but beneath the grime as beautiful as a marsh fairy.

Question 4: Where did Fritha live?

Answer: Fritha lived with fisherfolk at Wickaeldroth.

Question 5: What was it about Rhayader that made her want to flee?

Answer: Rhayader was a dark figure – the black head and beard, the hump and the crooked claw.

Question 6: Why did Rhayader marvel at the bird brought to him by Fritha?

Answer: Rhayader looked and marveled because it was a snow goose from Canada and it was rare sight in that particular area.

Question 7: How severe were the injuries of the snow goose?

Answer: Her leg and the wing were injured but the injuries were not grave

Question 8: Why did Fritha imagine Canada to be a pink land?

Answer: When Fritha saw the snow goose limping with the wild-footed pink geese, she imagined the presence of white princess in a land over the sea that was all pink.

Question 9: As the Snow Goose flew higher into the sky, what did Rhayader say about it?

Answer: Rhayader said that the princess was going home and was bidding them a farewell.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘A bitter reception for a visiting princess’ concluded Rhayader’.

(a) Who is being referred to as a visiting princess?

Answer: The snow goose is being referred to as a visiting princess

(b) Why was the reception given to the princess a ‘bitter one’?

Answer: The reception to the princess was bitter because she was shot and injured by a hunter.

(c) What was the snow goose called?

Answer: She was called ‘Lost princess’.

So, these were The Snow Goose Questions & Answers.

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