Colour Of My Dreams Questions & Answers

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Written by Peter Dixon, this poem throws light on the difficulty faced by a dyslexic learner and how the environment fails to support a differently abled learner. It also informs us that we should be more open and supportive of diverse people in our surroundings.

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Colour Of My Dreams Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rotten – bad
  • Rage – anger
  • Phonics – a method of learning to read
  • Dyxlectic – problems of understanding written words
  • Plasticine – a soft substance like clay which is used to make shapes and models

Question 1: Why does the boy say that he is really a rotten reader?

Answer: The boy says that he is a rotten reader because he earns last position in the reading tests.

Question 2: Why does the teacher think that he suffers from dyslexia?

Answer: The teacher thinks he suffer from dyslexia because he cannot form words.

Question 3: What could the student do with plasticine?

Answer: The student uses plasticine to make scary monsters and secret lands.

Question 4: Why would the cleaners faint?

Answer: The boy paints pictures in green paint that drips on the carpet. Seeing this, the cleaners faint.

Question 5: What makes you think that the boy is creative?

Answer: The boy is creative because he paints pink panderellos and birds that can sing.

Question 6: Write two pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Page-rage, lands-hands.

So, these were Colour Of My Dreams Questions & Answers.

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