Engine Trouble Questions & Answers

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Engine Trouble Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Resplendent – bright and colorful in an impressive way
  • Pandemonium – a state of confusion
  • Bankrupt – ruined financially
  • Beamed – smiled radiantly
  • Reverberation – to have continue serious effects

Question 1: What was the reason behind the Gymkhana Grounds being decorated?

Answer: Gymkhana grounds were decorated because a showman owning an institution called The Gaiety Land had decorated it that way. He established his numerous stalls in the Gymkhana Grounds to provide recreation and entertainment to the people.

Question 2: Which particular corner of the show was in great favour and why?

Answer: There was a particular corner of the show which was in great favour. Here, for a ticket costing eight annas, one stood a chance of acquiring a variety of articles – pincushions, sewing machines, cameras or even a road engine.

Question 3: Why did the narrator feel that the engine was safe anywhere even after the showman vacated the Gymkhana Grounds?

Answer: The narrator felt that the engine was safe anywhere because it was not easy to move.

Question 4: How did nature come to the rescue of the narrator?

Answer: Nature came to the rescue of the narrator in the form of an earthquake and the engine became a cork to the stinking disused well of the narrator’s neighbour.

Question 5: What made the narrator breathe a sigh of relief?

Answer: The narrator breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally able to get rid of the road engine and the expenses that he had suffered because of it.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

Sir, I was a poor man. I really could not find any means of paying these bills, When I went home my wife asked, What is this I hear about you everywhere?

(a) Which was the first expense that the narrator was compelled to undertake after receiving the engine as a price?

Answer: When the showman took down his booths and packed up, the narrator received a notice from the municipality to attend to his road engine.

(b) How were the resources of the narrator further drained after even having pledged a few of his wife’s jewels?

Answer: Even after pledging his wife’s jewels, the narrator was forced by the municipality to move it from the Gymkhana Ground. So, he engaged the service of 50 coolies and the temple elephant which burnt deeper hole in the pocket of the narrator.

(c) What did his wife threaten she would do? What did he think of her threat?

Answer: The wife threatened that she would ask her father to take her away. The author was perplexed beyond limit and stressed to the core.

(d) In what way did the earthquake bring the poor man relief from his predicament?

Answer: The earthquake relieved the narrator because the turbulence took care of the road engine.

So, these were Engine Trouble Questions & Answers.

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