When I Was Twelve Questions & Answers

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When I Was Twelve Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Formidable – to respect or fear somebody who is powerful
  • Inanimate – showing no sign of life
  • Subconsciously – without being fully aware
  • Catastrophe – a sudden event causing great damage or suffering
  • Stomped – to tread heavily and noisily

Question 1: What prevented the narrator and his classmates from getting the hang of simple calculations?

Answer: The children of the class were scared of the Math teacher. His personality was such that the author and his classmates felt that even if they answered the sum correctly, he would still punish them. This panic them from getting the hang of simple calculations.

Question 2: Why did the monster twist the narrator’s ear?

Answer: The ‘monster’ twisted the narrator’s ears because he made his caricature.

Question 3: Why did a Cadillac that belonged to one of the Maharajas of Mysore look like a prince to the narrator?

Answer: According to the narrator, in caricatures personality gets transferred onto inanimate objects. So, the personality of one of the Maharajas of Mysore got transferred to his Cadillac and appeared as a prince.

Question 4: Why did the members of the family including those in distinguished services run after the cook?

Answer: In the southern part of India, the cook is considered the most important person at the wedding. It is because the reputation of the wedding depended on the cooking of the person. This is the reason why the members of the narrator’s family ran after the cook when he refused to cook for the sister’s marriage.

Question 5: How did a piece of chalk change and develop the narrator’s life forever?

Answer: The narrator started sketching from the age of three when his parents introduced him to slate. Since then, he never stopped drawing. In the process, he discovered the art of caricature. This led him to be one of the renowned cartoonists of the count.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

He’s come! He’s come!’ People who never stood up for anyone also stood up! How to entertain.

(a) Who had come and for what purpose?

Answer: The cook had come for cooking at the wedding of the narrator’s sister.

(b) What discussions were held with the person concerned?

Answer: The discussions that were held with the cook centered around the ingredients he would use for cooking.

(c) What was offered to the person after the discussions ended?

Answer: Coffee was offered to the cook after the discussion.

(d) Why did the group gathered around the person start moving towards the name who had placed himself behind the pillar?

Answer: The group shifted towards the narrator in order to see the caricature that he drew of the cook.

So, these were When I Was Twelve Questions & Answers.

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