The Sounds in the Evening Questions & Answers

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The Sounds in the Evening Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Jest – jokes
  • Queer – strange or odd
  • Murmurs – speaking softly in a way that is difficult to understand
  • Slats – thin flat pieces of wood used in window blinds or other furniture
  • Babble – speech that is difficult to understand

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The poem is about sounds that can be heard in the evening.
(b) The speaker also hears her father’s laugh.
(c) The clock makes a click noise.
(d) The speaker can hear footsteps upon the top floor.

Question 2: How does the speaker know that guests have arrived and that dinner is ready?

Answer: The ring of the bell suggests the arrival of the guests and the clashing of dishes tells the speaker that the dinner is ready.

Question 3: When does the speaker stop hearing any sound?

Answer: The speaker stops hearing any sound when she goes to sleep.

The Sounds in the Evening Questions & Answers

Question 4: Is the speaker a child or a grown-up? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The speaker is a child because the crick in the boards and creek of the chairs suggest the classroom of the school.

Question 5: List the different sounds mentioned in the poem.

Answer: Click of clock, pick of the mouse, footsteps of people, crick of the boards, creek of the chairs, fluttering murmurs, ringing of the bell, laughing sounds, clashing of dishes, babble of voices, mewing of cats, hooting of owls and some queer sounds are mentioned in the poem.

Question 6: The speaker talks of the crick of the board and the creek of the chairs. What sounds do these words make you think of? How are sounds different?

Answer: These words make me think of homophones that have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. Crick is a sound of chalk moving through the board and creek is the sound of a chair moving on the floor.

Question 7: What do the last five lines of the poem describe?

Answer: The last five lines of the poem describes that the speaker is listening to the sounds until the moon of the night comes and she fell asleep.

So, these were The Sounds in the Evening Questions & Answers.

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