The Veggy Lion Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Veggy Lion Questions & Answers.

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The Veggy Lion Questions & Answers

Question 1: What has the lion given up?

Answer: The lion has given up meat and roaring.

Question 2: How does the lion feel when he sees blood?

Answer: On seeing blood, the lion feels ill or sick.

Question 3: What happened when the lion attacked the elephant?

Answer: Once, the lion attacked an elephant by jumping straight at its head and thereafter, it was hospitalized for three days on the jungle’s hospital bed.

Question 4: Why does the lion eat only carrots?
What does the lion eat now? Why?

Answer: The lion eats carrots now because they do not say anything when he pounces on them and it is easy to kill them.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Now I just eat carrots,
They’re easy to kill,
’Cos when I pounce on them,
They all remain quite still!

(a) Who is speaking the above lines?
Answer: The lion is speaking the above lines.

(b) Why does speaker like to eat carrots?
Answer: He likes to eat carrots because they remain still when he pounces on them.

(c) Name the poet.
Answer: The poet is Spike Milligan.

The Veggy Lion Questions & Answers

Question 6: Has the lion in the poem changed after becoming vegetarian?

Answer: After turning vegetarian, the lion has stopped roaring and killing other animals. His diet now consists only of carrots.

Question 7: Can a lion become vegetarian? Why not?

Answer: No, a lion cannot become a vegetarian. Lions, by nature, are carnivores. They need huge amounts of protein to survive. This is possible only through the meat. Vegetarian food would be inadequate to meet the nutritional requirements of a lion.

Question 8: What makes the poem enjoyable? Is it the contrast between the behaviour of a normal lion and the veggy lion?

Answer: The very idea of the lion turning vegetarian and the ways in which he has changed make the poem enjoyable. The lion tweets instead of roaring. He eats carrots instead of meat. The Veggy lion behaves in a manner that is very different to its usual inherent nature.

Question 9: Mention the differences between a normal lion and a veggy lion.

Answer: A normal lion roars and eats meat. It is ferocious and kills animals. On the other hand, the Veggy lion tweets and feeds on carrots. The sight of blood makes the Veggy lion sick.

Question 10: Write True or False:

(a) The lion likes to eat carrots – True
(b) The lion was good at hunting – False
(c) The lion doesn’t like to see blood – True
(d) The lion attacked a rabbit – False

So, these were The Veggy Lion Questions & Answers.

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