The Toy-Box Questions & Answers

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The Toy-Box Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Adjacent – next to, adjoining
  • Coalbunker – a storage area for coal
  • Damp-proofed – protected against damp or rising moisture
  • Impressive – remarkable; making a strong, favourable effect
  • Moodiness – given to frequent changes of mood
  • Prospect – expectations; a vision of the future
  • Scaredy-cat – someone who is easily frightened
  • Shuddered – shivered, as from fear
  • Vivid – producing life-like images; colourful and fresh
  • Well-manicured – neatly trimmed
  • 3-iron – a type of golf club

Question 1: What sounds did the children hear after entering the grounds in their car?

Answer: The children heard the birds twittering, bees buzzing, and the crunching of gravel under the car wheels after entering the grounds.

Question 2: How do we know that the children liked the week in their old house before they moved out?

Answer: We know that the children liked the week in their old house before they moved out because it is described as a magical playground in which they had fun living with boxes everywhere.

Question 3: In what way was Matilda’s first impression of the new house different from Tom’s?

Answer: Matilda’s first impression of the new house was different from Tom’s in that she described it as beautiful, went straight in, and started unpacking. Tom, on the other hand, says it looks scary.

Question 4: When and where did Tom first hear a cry? What was his reaction?

Answer: Tom heard a cry on the first day when he was alone in the playroom. His reaction was to think it was a cat or his imagination.

Question 5: What did Tom see out of the window? How did this contrast with the inside?

Answer: Tom saw the garden outside the window; Everything in it looked bright and warm, and green and fresh. The house, in contrast, is described as dark and cold, with echoing rooms and strange sounds.

Question 6: What did Tom’s mother tell Tom to give him the courage to return to the playroom to check that there were no strange sounds there?

Answer: Tom’s mother told him not to be a scaredy-cat and said that the sounds must have come from outside.

The Toy-Box Questions & Answers

Question 7: How did Tom’s constant screaming affect his parents and Matilda?

Answer: Tom’s constant screaming made his parents come running to check on him.

Question 8: What did Tom’s father take with him to investigate the coalbunker and why?

Answer: Tom’s father took a 3-iron, a golf club, with him when he went to look in the coalbunker. He took it as a form of defence against the intruder the family had heard through the vent.

Question 9: Where did all the rubbish at the side of the house come from?

Answer: The rubbish at the side of the house had been dumped there when the house was being renovated.

Question 10: Choose the best answer:

a. Tom did not like the house because

i. a family lived next door to the playroom.
ii. it was spacious and cold.
iii. it was a towering and rambling mansion.
iv. it was cold, damp and spooky.

b. Tom’s parents were annoyed with Tom because

i. he found the house spooky.
ii. he screamed.
iii. they thought he had made up a story to get their attention.
iv. he heard sounds.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘And, just in case, I’m taking a golf club’.

i. Who said these words?

Answer: Tom’s father said these words.

ii. Why does the speaker say ‘just in case’? In case of what?

Answer: The speaker says ‘just in case’ because he takes it as a precaution. He is worried about who he might find in his coalbunker.

iii. What club does he take and what does he do with it?

Answer: He takes a 3-iron and he swings it in the air as they walk along.

Question 12: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Father entered the room at a gallop.

i. Why did Father enter the room in this fashion?

Answer: He is responding to his son’s scream.

ii. What did he find in the room at this time?

Answer: He found Tom, Matilda, and their mother/his wife.

iii. What did he do in the room and immediately after this?

Answer: He starts speaking in the room but stops when he sees his wife indicating with one finger on her lips for him to be quiet. They all go into the living room where Tom’s mother explains what they have heard. Then, Tom’s father goes to the playroom to investigate.

So, these were The Toy-Box Questions & Answers.

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