The Trick Madho Played Questions & Answers

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The Trick Madho Played Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grove – a group of trees
  • Humble – simple
  • Mumbled – said something quietly so that others couldn’t make out
  • Draped – covered something loosely with a cloth
  • Took to his heels – ran away as fast as possible

Question 1: What was Amarnath’s source of income?

Answer: Amarnath Bhonsle had a huge mango grove behind his house in Ratnagiri. Every year, he sold the mangoes and earned a lot of money.

Question 2: What would Amarnath do on the first day of every harvest season?

Answer: Amarnath would invite the village headman to taste the first two mangoes that he had plucked from his trees.

Question 3: How did village boys help Amarnath and what did they get in return?

Answer: The village boys helped Amarnath with plucking of the mangoes. The village boys just got a tiny mango each before they left after working hard the entire day.

Question 4: What did Madho do with the mangoes?

Answer: Madho took the mangoes to the kitchen. He couldn’t stop himself from licking the pieces and he then quickly put the piece in his mouth.

Question 5: What did Madho tell the village headman?

Answer: Madho lied to the headman that Amarnath has gone mad. He was sharpening his knife to kill him. He also said that Amarnath was annoyed with the headman because the previous year his business was low and he blamed him for the loss.

Question 6: What lesson do you learn from the story?

Answer: The lesson we learn from the story is that we should be honest and should not take advantage of others weakness.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
“Why is it taking so long?” asked Amarnath. “The knife is blunt sir!”

(a) Whom is Amarnath talking to?

Answer: The speaker is talking to Madho.

(b) What is the knife being used for?

Answer: The knife is being used for cutting the mangoes.

(c) Do you think the second speaker is telling the truth? Give reason.

Answer: No, the second speaker is not telling the truth. He was late because he was eating mangoes and not because the knife was blunt.

Question 8: Complete these sentences –

(a) Amarnath Bhonsle earned profits by selling mangoes.
(b) Amarnath was not a kind person because he didn’t treat the village boys well.
(c) Amarnath invited the village headman to taste his mangoes first so that he could tell the fruit buyers that Amarnath’s mangoes were the sweetest and thus he could earn huge profits.
(d) Madho’s eyes widened when he saw the mangoes because they were ripe and red.
(e) Amarnath asked Madho to wash and cut the mangoes into thin slices and serve them on a silver plate before the headman arrived.
(f) Madho ate the mangoes because he couldn’t stop himself from tasting the juicy mangoes.
(g) What Madho did is not right although Amarnath Bhonsle was not a kind person.

So, these were The Trick Madho Played Questions & Answers.

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