The Unexpected Questions & Answers

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The Unexpected Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Moors – areas of open, uncultivated land
  • Goal-birds – habitual criminals who have served time in the prison
  • Tramps – vagabonds
  • Give yourself airs – be proud of yourself
  • Boarders – paying guests
  • Gas-bag – a person who talks too much
  • Scoundrel – villain
  • Get to the bottom of this – solve this mystery
  • Covered his tracks – destroyed evidence
  • Knock your block off – punch you hard on your head
  • Pounce – jump
  • Forging – producing falsely
  • Boulder – rock

Question 1: What is the news brought by Tom and Alec? How does Mrs. Parker react to it?

Answer: Alec and Tom informed Mrs. Parker that two convicts had escaped from the prison. Mrs. Parker had a tea-cosy in her hand. As she heard the news, she dropped it, and remained motionless. Alec and Tom thought that she got frightened.

Question 2: Who was Joe Badger? Give a few examples from the conversation between Joe, Alec and Tom to show that Joe was not liked by the other two.

Answer: Joe Badger was nephew of the village constable. He was taking correspondence lessons from a school of detectives. Some examples to show that Joe was not liked by Alec and Tom are: “You’re not quite ninety-nine yourself yet.” “Then why not do it first and boast about it afterwards?” “Don’t be a silly, Joe. You’re too much of a gas-bag to make a decent detective.” “Be careful. I’ve a good mind to knock your block off for this.”

Question 3: Why did Joe suspect Mrs Parker?

Answer: Joe considered himself to be a great detective. He suspected old lady Mrs. Parker as she lived alone in a place near to the prison and never encouraged any visitors. Moreover, he had seen Bentley Sports Car hidden away in an old shed.

The Unexpected Questions & Answers

Question 4: What was Mrs Parker’s real identity? What was her plan?

Answer: Mrs Parker’s real name was Mrs Felton. Her son Roger Felton was falsely accused of forging a cheque and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. She had taken the cottage near the prison so that she could help her son to escape. Also, she had kept the car and a suit case of clothes ready for him.

Question 5: How does Joe’s foolishness help the criminals escape?

Answer: When Tom and Alec offered help to Mrs Parker, she refused and asked them to leave. When the boys were about to go, one of the convicts entered, the boys assured him of his safety, but, unfortunately, Joe also came and said that he had seen a convict enter. Inspite of everyone saying no, he was not convinced. The warden of the jail reached there in time, heard Joe’s story, went inside the room, got the dress and informed Joe that he would take the convict in the car so that he would have the proof. Joe insisted on following them. When Joe was warned of the police checking, he boasted of saying that he knew the password because his uncle was a constable there and let out the password to them too. After they departed, Mrs. Parker informed the boys that the warden was her son and not the convict. So, they were able to escape because of Joe’s over-smartness.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
“What are you doing here on such an evening?”

(a) Name the speaker and the listener?

Answer: The speaker is Mrs Parker and the listener is Joe.

(b) Why did the listener come to the speaker’s house?

Answer: Joe suspected Mrs Parker so he came to her house to interrogate her.

(c) How did the speaker react on the listener’s arrival?

Answer: When Joe entered Mrs. Parker’s house, she was a little surprised but behaved in a normal manner.

So, these were The Unexpected Questions & Answers.

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