The Use of Force Questions & Answers

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The Use of Force Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was the doctor called by the Olsons?

Answer: The doctor was called by the Olsons because their daughter was very sick.

Question 2: Read the lines from the story and answer the questions:
When I arrived …………………………………………………let me in.

(a) Who is the ‘I’ in these lines? Where had the person arrived?

Answer: The ‘I’ in these lines is the doctor. He had arrived at the Olson house to examine a child who was very sick.

(b) Who was the woman? Why did she look startled?

Answer: The woman was Mrs Olson. She was suspicious of the doctor from the beginning.

Question 3: Why was the little girl kept in the kitchen?

Answer: The little girl was kept in the kitchen because the girl had fever and the kitchen was warm.

Question 4: Describe the attitude of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?

Answer: The parents were country people, suspicious of outsiders. They were very nervous and observed the doctor distrustfully.

Question 5: What was the little girl’s reaction on seeing the doctor?

Answer: The little girl stared at the doctor with no expression on her face.

Question 6: Read the lines from the story and answer the questions:
Come on ………………………………………… your throat .

(a) Who was Mathilda? Why did the person address her by her first name?

Answer: Mathilda was a little girl who was ill. The doctor who had come to examine her, addressed her by her first name to make her feel close and friendly.

(b) Why was Mathilda asked to open her mouth?

Answer: Mathilda was asked to open her mouth so that her throat could be examined.

(c) Who wanted to look at her throat? Do you think Mathilda will let the person look at her throat without any resistance?

Answer: The doctor who was called by the Olsons wanted to look at her throat. No, I don’t think Mathilda will let the person look at her throat without any resistance.

The Use of Force Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did the doctor find the little girl ‘unusually attractive’ and the parents ‘contemptible’?

Answer: The little girl was very attractive and beautiful. She had magnificent blonde hair and seemed like the children who appear in advertising leaflets and the photo sections of the Sunday newspaper. He found the parents ‘contemptible’ because they looked at him suspiciously.

Question 8: How did Mathilda respond to the instruction of the doctor?

Answer: Mathilda did not show any response to the instructions of the doctor. Even her expression hadn’t changed. Her breaths however were coming faster and faster.

Question 9: Read the lines from the story and answer the questions:
You bad girl ……………………………..The nice man …

(a) Who was the ‘bad girl’? Who was the ‘nice man’?

Answer: The ‘bad girl’ was Mathilda. And the ‘nice man’ was the doctor.

(b) What had the bad girl done?

Answer: Mathilda reached out towards the doctor and tried to claw for his eyes, and in the act, knocked off his glasses and they fell, several feet away from him on the kitchen floor.

(c) What was the nice man trying to do?

Answer: The nice man was trying to examine her throat.

Question 10: How did the doctor feel in his struggle to examine the little girl?

Answer: The doctor was struck by the beauty of the little girl and developed great compassion for her. But he did not let his compassion for the little girl stop him from examining her throat.

Question 11: How did the parents try to convince the child into obeying the doctor’s instructions?

Answer: The parents tried to convince the child that the doctor would not hurt her.

The Use of Force Questions & Answers

Question 12: How did the doctor finally succeed in examining Mathilda?

Answer: The doctor first inserted a wooden tongue depressor to see her jaws open but Mathilda bit it so hard that it broke into splinters. He made his final attack by lunging at her with a silver spoon, forcing her jaws open and pushing the utensil down her throat, making her block.

Question 13: What did the doctor discover?

Answer: When the doctor forced to open Mathilda’s mouth, he saw that both tonsils were covered with membrane. The doctor’s fear that she had diphtheria was true.

Question 14: Read the lines from the story and answer the questions:
In a find ……………………………..she gagged …’

(a) Why was the child being overpowered?

Answer: The child was being overpowered because the doctor wanted to examine her throat and she was resisting (combat) it .

(b) How was the child overpowered?

Answer: The doctor forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged.

(c) What was the result of the overpowering?

Answer: As a result of the overpowering, the doctor found out that the child was suffering from diphtheria.

Question 15: Why were there ‘tears of defeat’ in the little girl’s eyes?

Answer: Mathilda had successfully lied to her parents about having a sore throat to avoid being examined by a doctor. Now that her secret was forced out into the open, she felt defeated and overpowered so there were ‘tears of defeat’ in the little girl’s eyes.

Question 16: Do you think the title of the story is justified?

Answer: The title of the story, ‘The Use of Force’, is justified as the battle between the patient and the doctor was ultimately a battle for dominating the other by the use of force. The doctor wanted the patient to submit to his will to examine her, and the patient used all the force she had to hide her secret sore throat from the doctor.

So, these were The Use of Force Questions & Answers.

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