The Village Schoolmaster Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Oliver Goldsmith where he describes a schoolmaster and his great qualities. It conveys the poet’s respect and admiration for his erstwhile educator. Below are mentioned its questions and answers. I have also shared The Wizard – Major Dhyan Chand Questions & Answers so, you can check that post as well.

The Village Schoolmaster Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the school located?

Answer: The school was situated in a small village next to the irregular fence that was situated along the edge of the village. It fringed the village path with full blossomed, beautiful but ornamental furze.

Question 2: How did the children view the schoolmaster?

Answer: The children viewed the schoolmaster as severe and stern. They all knew him very well and would gauge his mood by merely looking at his expressions at the start of the day. They would laugh at his jokes to keep him cheerful. The children, however, respected him because he was kind and was dedicated to teaching them.

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Question 3: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

“Convey’d the dismal tiding…………………… learning was in fault.”

(a) What did the schoolmaster’s expression convey to the students?

Answer: The schoolmaster’s expression conveyed to the students whether he was in a good or bad mood.

(b) Explain the line ‘The love he bore to learning was in fault’.

Answer: The poet says in this line that the only fault of the village schoolmaster was that he loved learning.

(c) Which word in the above lines means ‘mistake’?

Answer: Fault

(d) Why does the poet say that the village schoolmaster was kind?

Answer: The poet says that the village schoolmaster was kind as he was strict because of his love for learning.

Question 4: Explain ‘straggling fence’ and ‘unprofitably gay’.

Answer: The fence beside which the school building was situated is described as ‘straggling’ which means that it was dilapidated and probably leaning over.

The phrase ‘unprofitable gay’ suggests that the flowers that were blooming beautifully were not being admired or appreciated so, this beauty served no purpose.

The Village Schoolmaster Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did the villagers regard the schoolmaster in wonder?

Answer: The villagers were awed by the knowledge of the schoolmaster. They wondered how he could read, write, calculate, measure tides and at the same time be so skilled in arguing. They would wonder how his small head could hold so much of knowledge.

Question 6: In the line – “There, in his noisy mansion, skill’d to rule”, what is meant by skill’d to rule?

Answer: It means the person who is very talented or the person born to rule the world on the basis of his skills.

Question 7: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

“Well had the boding tremblers……………………his morning face”.

(a) Who are referred to as tremblers?

Answer: Predicting students are referred to as tremblers.

(b) Why schoolmaster’s face is referred as ‘morning face’?

Answer: By morning face, the poet means that the schoolmaster had an expressive face and his pupils could easily read his mood.

(c) What did the students learn by merely gazing at his face?

Answer: By gazing at his face, the students could easily predict whether their day is going to be good or bad.

Question 8: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

“I knew him well………………….. disasters in his morning face.”

(a) Who is “he” in the above lines?

Answer: ‘He’ is the village school master.

(b) What is the “skill” that the parson had?

Answer: The parson, just like the schoolmaster had very good oratory skills.

The Village Schoolmaster Questions & Answers

Question 9: How did the students adapt themselves to the varying moods of the school master?

Answer: The students were afraid of the schoolmaster and were sufficiently clever to assess from his face whether that day would bring any misfortune or not. The children laughed at his jokes with pretended joy. If they noticed any sign of anger on his face they would spread the news throughout the classroom.

Question 10: Who and Why did they laugh with counterfeited glee?

Answer: The undisciplined and idle students laughed with counterfeited glee. This is because the master used to tell many jokes and even if the students did not feel like laughing at those jokes yet they pretended to be happy or merry to impress their teacher.

Question 11: Describe the village schoolmaster’s skills which made the villagers wonder.

Answer: The villagers were in awe of him because he could write and calculate too. He was skilled in predicting weather patterns and tides. It was also assumed that he was an accurate surveyor who could determine borders easily. He could also debate intelligently.

Question 12: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

“But past is all his fame…………………….triumph’d is forgot.”

(a) Who is the poet referring to in these lines?

Answer: The poet Oliver Goldsmith is referring to the village schoolmaster in these lines.

(b) What does the poet mean by these lines? 

Answer: In these lines, the poet fondly remembers the glories of the village schoolmaster and tells that the schoolmaster does not teach anymore but all that is left in that spot is the past fame of the man.

Question 13: Write the character sketch of the village schoolmaster.

Answer: The village schoolmaster was a strict disciplinarian. He was a man with a stern appearance and every defaulter knew that there would be severe consequences of misbehaving in his class. He would often crack jokes and his mood was evident by his facial expressions. He was kind-hearted and had an immense joy for learning. He was good in math, geography and was able to read, write and had good skills in arguing his point of view. He was loved and respected by all the villagers.

So, these were The Village Schoolmaster Questions & Answers.

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