The Wind On Haunted Hill Questions & Answers

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The Wind On Haunted Hill Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. With her pocket money, Usha bought

(a) a necklace
(b) spices, sugar and matches
(c) a necklace and some marbles

2. Where did Aunt Lakshmi live?

(a) near the ruins
(b) above the shops
(c) next to the shops

3. While waiting in the ruins, Usha prayed and hoped that

(a) she would not be struck by lightning.
(b) she would not encounter ghosts.
(c) the cat would not attack her.

4. In the ruins, Usha was first frightened by

(a) an owl.
(b) a lizard.
(c) a cat.

5. The strong wind

(a) did not allow Usha to reach the ruins.
(b) helped Usha to move faster towards the ruins.
(c) slowed Usha’s pace of walking.

6. The wind hurried and passed through the__________

(a) apples and mangoes
(b) pines and deodars
(c) berries and cherries

7. The market was ____________ away from the village.

(a) 3 miles
(b) 7 miles
(c) 11 miles

8. Usha went to visit her ____________ house after shopping in the market.

(a) grandfather’s
(b) aunt’s
(c) cousin’s

9. Usha took shelter in the ____________

(a) ruins
(b) caves
(c) dens

10. At dawn, the ____________ began to sing.

(a) cuckoo
(b) thrush
(c) linnet

Question 2: Number the following sentences in the correct sequence to describe Usha’s experience in the ruins.


1. Usha sat in a corner in the ruins.
2. Usha decided to take shelter under the blocked chimney a little later.
3. In the blue light of the lightning, Usha saw two children.
4. Frightened, Usha ran towards the wall from where she had entered.
5. Usha stumbled into Suresh and Binya.
6. The three of them huddled together and waited for dawn.
7. As the sky grew lighter, the children left the ruins.

Question 3: How did the villagers counter the force of the wind in their daily life?

Answer: The villagers used stones to hold down clothes and large stones on tin roofs to counter the force of the wind in their daily life.

Question 4: What was said to be the cause behind the appearance of the ghosts on Haunted Hill?

Answer: It was said that over a hundred years ago, during a terrible storm, one of the houses was hit by lightning, and everyone in it was killed – including a boy and his sister. This was said to be the cause of the ghost’s appearance.

Question 5: Why was Usha compelled to halt her journey back home? What did she do?

Answer: The strong wind, the darkness of the night and the incessant rain compelled Usha to halt her journey back home. She took shelter in the ruins.

The Wind On Haunted Hill Questions & Answers

Question 6: Do you think that this was Usha’s first visit to the ruins? Give any two reasons to support your answer.

Answer: No, I don’t think so that this was Usha’s first visit to the ruins. This is because sheknew about the tin roof that would give her some shelter and also knew about the cat that lived there.

Question 7: What were the children doing beside the stone wall?

Answer: Beside the stone wall, the children were spreading clothes to dry.

Question 8: Why was it a struggle for the children to dry their clothes?

Answer: It was a struggle for the children to dry their clothes because the wind blew hard and the clothes fluttered in the wind.

Question 9: What did Suresh ask Usha? Why?

Answer: Suresh asked Usha whether he could accompany her to the bazaar. This is because Usha was going all alone and she had to cross the Haunted Hill on the way.

Question 10: What story did grandfather tell them about the haunted hill?

Answer: Grandfather told Usha and Suresh about the English people who lived on the hill a hundred years ago. During a terrible storm, one of the houses was hit by lightning and all the English people including two children in it were killed. Grandfather had seen the children playing in the moon light.

Question 11: What did Usha see while walking to the bazaar?

Answer: Usha went through the fields; she saw the yellow mustard flowers, a wild plum tree, some lizards and a whistling thrush.

Question 12: What did Usha buy in the market? List them.

Answer: Usha bought soap, matches, spices, sugar, a new pipe stem for grandfather’s hookah, exercise book, marbles for Suresh and a necklace for herself.

Question 13: What scared Usha during the dark rainy night?

Answer: When Usha moved against the stones sideways, she touched a soft and furry cat. Meanwhile, she gave a frightened cry and took her hand away. This made Usha to scare in the dark rainy night.

Also, when lightning flashed, Usha saw two ghostly figures of children near the opposite wall staring at her. This sight scared Usha.

Question 14: How did the children react when they met each other at the ruins?

Answer: When the children met each other at the ruins, they fell into each other’s arms. They were surprised and relieved. They laughed, giggled, huddled together and chattered excitedly.

So, these were The Wind On Haunted Hill Questions & Answers.

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