Brave Dogs Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Brave Dogs Questions & Answers.

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Brave Dogs Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. A Saint Bernard dog can detect people buried in snow because of

(a) its sharp vision.
(b) its keen sense of smell.
(c) its sixth sense

2. In his lifetime, Barry saved

(a) forty lives.
(b) hundred lives.
(c) more than forty lives.

3. Selvakumar was named after

(a) Sangeeta’s youngest son.
(b) Sangeeta’s brother-in-law.
(c) Sangeeta’s brother.

4. Dinakaran went into the hut because he thought

(a) he would be safe there.
(b) his mother had gone there.
(c) it was right next to the shore.

Question 2: Complete the following flow chart.


Ramakrishnan warned Sangeeta of the tsunami.
Sangeeta fled with her two younger sons.
Dinakaran had to fend for himself.
Water rose very sharply.
Selvakumar ran into the hut and dragged out Dinakaran.
Selvakumar dragged Dinakaran up the hill to safety.

Question 3: What did the Saint Bernard dog do to rescue travellers who were trapped in the Alps?

Answer: To rescue travellers who were trapped in the Alps, Saint Bernard dog barked aloud for help from the monks or other travellers. He would lie on top of the person and start licking his face to wake him up.

Question 4: How did the monks help the travellers?

Answer: On hearing the loud, continuous barks of the dog, the monks would rush with a stretcher and warm blankets to help the victim. Then, they would take him to their monastery and give him hot tea, food and shelter till he recovered.

Question 5: Sangeeta’s family has sentiments attached to their dog, Selvakumar. Explain.

Answer: Sangeeta’s family has sentiments attached to their dog, Selvakumar because herbrother-in-law gave her the puppy, following the birth of her second son. When the brother-in-law died in an accident, they changed the dog’s name to his, Selvakumar.

Also, Selvakumar saved Sangeeta’s elder son from the dreadful waves of the tsunami and she believed that some special spirit, perhaps her brother-in-law’s, resided in the dog.

Question 6: Briefly describe how Barry saved the boy stranded on the icy ledge.

Answer: Barry fearlessly crawled to the boy and started licking his face. The boy woke up due to Barry’s warm licks and he wrapped his arms around Barry’s strong neck. Then, Barry pulled him cautiously and bravely away from the ledge and brought him to safety.

Question 7: How has the world acknowledged Barry’s bravery?

Answer: Barry’s body has been on display at the Natural History Museum in Bern since 1815. His body, which had begun to decay, was restored in 1923. A painting of Barry hangs at the Great St Bernard Hospice. A monument in honour of Barry is located at the entrance to the Cimetière des Chiens pet cemetery in Paris. In 1977, Walt Disney Productions made a telemovie entitled Barry of the Great St Bernard.

So, these were Brave Dogs Questions & Answers.

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