King Ahmak Shah Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by C.H Payne. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Brave Dogs, The Wind On Haunted Hill and The First Jasmines so, you can check these posts as well.

King Ahmak Shah Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pray – old word for please
  • Paltry – too small to be important
  • Steed – a riding horse
  • Bade – told somebody to do something

Question 1: Who was the visitor in the palace and what did he tell the King?

Answer: An Arab merchant visited the palace. He promised to bring the King the finest Arabian horse for a lakh of rupees.

Question 2: What was the King’s reaction?

Answer: The King trusted the merchant and paid the amount.

Question 3: What did the King ask the Vizier to do and why was he alarmed when he completed the work?

Answer: The King asked the Vizier to make a list of the greatest fools. He wrote the King’s name on the top of it. The King was alarmed to see his own name there.

Question 4: ‘I shall take your Majesty’s name from the list
And place his there instead.’ What does the Vizier wish to convey to the King?

Answer: The Vizier wants to convey to the King that the merchant would be the biggest fool if he really brought a horse to the King.

Question 5: The merchant tried to impress the King with his words and actions. Give three examples.

Answer: The three examples are:

  • The Arab merchant bowed down till his forehead touched the floor.
  • He called the King ‘Protector of the poor’.
  • The merchant called himself ‘your slave’.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. Who visited the King’s palace

(a) Friend
(b) King’s cousin
(c) Merchant

2. From where did the merchant come to the palace

(a) USA
(b) Arab
(c) India

3. What did the merchant say to the king

(a) Helper of poor
(b) Gold seller
(c) Protector of poor

4. How much money does the merchant asks the King

(a) One thousand
(b) One lakh
(c) One crore

5. What does the king say to the minister to write

(a) Write the greatest fools
(b) Total number of males in his kingdom
(c) Total population of his kingdom

6. Whose name was there in the list of great fools

(a) Vizier
(b) King Ahmak Shah
(c) Minister

7. What will the King’s slave bring if he gave him one lakh

(a) The finest horse
(b) The finest elephant
(c) The finest camel

So, these were King Ahmak Shah Questions & Answers.

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