The World’s Best Warrior Questions & Answers

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The World’s Best Warrior Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Who was Robin?

i. a brave young man
ii. an expert swordsman
iii. both (i) and (ii)

(b) What did the little grey man do to Robin’s weapons?

i. threw them into a well
ii. threw them into a pit
iii. threw them into a river

Question 2: Why did Robin become furious?

Answer: The king refused to make Robin the General of his army as he felt that Robin still has much to learn. This made Robin furious as he thought it was the worst thing that had happened to him.

Question 3: What happened before Robin was allowed to enter the fortress?

Answer: Robin was made to hand-over all his weapons before he was allowed to enter the fortress. The guard said that he won’t need these weapons anymore, as he would get the better ones inside.

Question 4: ‘… and Robin knew he would have to try some new tactics.’ What were Robin the tactics Robin tried?

 Answer: Robin was being bashed and whacked by the villagers for several days. He kept talking to them for days to deal with their anger and finally managed to convince them. Robin was so persuasive with his words that they finally gave up hostility towards him and supported him. Hence, the tactics were to deal with the villagers and convince them that he was no threat to them.

Question 5: What were the important weapons that Robin gained control on during his training?

Answer: During his training, Robin gained control on three important weapons. They were patience, words and peace.

Question 6: How did Robin win over thunder?

Answer: When Thunder finished the fight and seemed victorious, the teacher said that only one man can remain standing. Thunder gave a threatening look to Robin, however, he peacefully and reasonably explained that he is having more men on his side as he has given them their choice to live freely and peacefully. On hearing this, the remaining villagers left Thunder and joined Robin. This is how Robin won over Thunder.

The World’s Best Warrior Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did Robin let out a chuckle on the first day of his training?

Answer: On the first day of his training, when the wise old teacher said that you have already learnt how to use your main weapon i.e, patience, Robin could not believe this, he thought this to be a joke and chuckled.

Question 8: “That which you couldn’t achieve with strength or sword, you managed with your tongue,” Why did the old man say this?

Answer: The old man said this, because during his training, Robin used the power of his words and convinced the angry villagers that he was not a threat but a friend to them.

Question 9: Why do you think the remaining warriors left Thunder’s side and moved over to Robin’s side?

Answer: During the last part of the training when Robin and Thunder were face to face, Robin boldly announced that he is having far more men than Thunder because he has given them the choice to live freely and peacefully. On hearing this, the men on Thunder’s side left him and joined Robin as we feel that sooner or later every person long for a peaceful life. There’s nothing more than having a free and peaceful living.

Question 10: Why do you think peace wins over violence?

Answer: We feel that every person wants to live his life peacefully without violence or hatred. Hence, peace will always win over violence.

Question 11: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
“You really want to fight? Can’t you see there are fifty times more of us?”

(a) Who says these words?

Answer: Robin says these words.

(b) Who is ‘you’?

Answer: ‘You’ is referred to as Thunder.

(c) Why are they fighting?

Answer: Fighting was the last part of the training which Robin was undergoing. The seven students who were equally brave, strong and fierce were to face each other. The winner would be the last man standing. Hence, they were fighting to win.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Robin used the power of his words and won the support of a large number of villagers by giving them their choice to live freely and peacefully. With this weapon of peace, Robin finally won the fight over thunder.

So, these were The World’s Best Warrior Questions & Answers.

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