Pitpat’s Journey Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Pitpat’s Journey Questions & Answers.

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Pitpat’s Journey Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fluffy – soft
  • Bounce – move up and down
  • Thunder – a loud sound made by clouds
  • Stream – running water
  • Journey – a trip from one place to another
  • Slid – slipped down
  • Storm – bad weather with strong wind and rain

Question 1: Who was Pitpat and where was he sleeping?

Answer: Pitpat was a raindrop and he was sleeping on a wave in the ocean.

Question 2: Why did Pitpat want to go up to the fluffy things?

Answer: Pitpat wanted to go up to the fluffy things because they looked cool.

Question 3: What were the fluffy things?

Answer: The fluffy things were the clouds.

Question 4: What happened when the clouds became heavy?

Answer: When the clouds became heavy, they fell on the earth as rain.

Question 5: Where did Pitpat and Dripdrop fall?

Answer: Pitpat and Dripdrop fell on a leaf floating down the stream.

Question 6: Where did Pitpat and Dripdrop reach in the end?

Answer: In the end, Pitpat and Dripdrop reached back in the ocean.

Question 7: How did Pitpat and Dripdrop finally reach to the ocean?

Answer: Pitpat and Dripdrop slid down a rock then floating through a stream, joined a river and reached back to the ocean.

So, these were Pitpat’s Journey Questions & Answers.

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