The Fountain Questions & Answers

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The Fountain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe how the fountain looks:

(a) During the day

Answer: During the day, the fountain looks full of light, leaping and flashing.

(b) At night

Answer: At night, it looks whiter than snow, waving like a flower.

Question 2: ‘Ever in motion,’
What do these words imply? What kind of nature does the fountain have, as described in stanza 4?

Answer: The words, ‘Ever in motion’ imply that fountain has a hard-working nature. Its constantly moving upwards. It is happy and cheerful and is never tired.

Question 3: Why do you think the poet uses the words ‘motion thy rest’?

Answer: By saying ‘motion thy rest’, the poet refers that even the constant movement of the fountain doesn’t make it tired. The movement itself, gives it rest and it enjoys its constant motion.

Question 4: List two opposite qualities of the fountain described by the poet in

(a) stanza 5 – upward and downward
(b) stanza 6 – changed and same
(c) stanza 7 – darkness and sunshine

Question 5: Describe the basic nature of the fountain.

Answer: The basic nature of the fountain is to keep running day and night, constantly and quietly.

Question 6: What qualities does the poet wish to imbibe from the fountain?

Answer: The poet wants to be happy and cheerful, to be changeful and wishes to be aspiring like fountain.

Question 7: Identify the rhyming words in the poem.

Answer: light – night, snow-blow, starlight – midnight, spray – day, rushing – flashing, cheery – aweary, best – rest, upward – downward, tame – same, content – element, be – thee.

Question 8: The poem conveys a happy atmosphere. Write words from the poem that radiates happiness.

Answer: The words that radiate happiness are – sunshine, flashing, flower-like, starlight, blithesome, cheery, glad, aspiring, content and fresh.

Question 9: Would you like to be the fountain? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, I would like to be like a fountain as it is always, cheerful, fresh and always aspiring.

Question 10: Write a character sketch of the fountain. (Imagine, the fountain is a living thing.)

Answer: The fountain is very cheerful, always in motion and aspiring. It never sleeps and work constantly. It remains happy in every situation throughout day or night. It is full of enthusiasm and always want to be better and successful.

So, these were The Fountain Questions & Answers.

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