Two Much Questions & Answers

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Two Much Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The children recognised Mrs Fernandes very well because

(a) there was a life-like statue of her in the entrance hall
(b) there was a life-like portrait of her in the entrance hall
(c) she used to visit the school regularly
(d) she was the Chief Guest for the day

2. Why did Tara call her mother Sakhi?

(a) She looked like Tara’s best friend.
(b) Tara loved this word.
(c) She was Tara’s best friend.
(d) All of these

3. Old Fernie had an awesome reputation for her

(a) dressing sense
(b) great personality
(c) sharp eyes
(d) sharp mind

4. Old Fernie found her answer in

(a) the speech narrated by Tara
(b) the Welcome Song sung by Antara
(c) Tara’s missing upper tooth
(d) Antara’s missing lower tooth

Question 2: The table given below has some sentences from the text. Match them with the characters who spoke these words.

From The TextCharacters
1. “We are here on a transfer.”(a) Antara
2. “Oh, so you got the message!”(b) Tara
3. “Oh, yes Ma’am! That is exactly where I am going.”(c) Mrs Fernandes
4. “We met thrice.”(d) Mrs Venkat
Answer: 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-c

Question 3: Why did Mrs Fernandes look for familiar faces in the school founded by her?

Answer: Mrs Fernandes look for similar faces in the school founded by her because she did not recognise new children.

Question 4: How did the ribbon on Tara’s hair change to blue from the earlier white?

Answer: Actually, it who was wearing blue ribbon not Tara.

Question 5: ‘There was something about the girl that made her very, very curious.’

(a) Who does ‘the girl’ refer to?

Answer: The ‘girl’ refers to Antara.

(b) Who is ‘her’ and what made ‘her’ so curious?

Answer: The missing tooth of the girl made Mrs Fernandes more curious.

Question 6: What were the similarities between Tara and Antara?

Answer: Tara and Antara liked bhelpuri, called their mothers ‘Sakhi’ and they both sang well. But one had an upper tooth missing whereas one had a lower tooth missing.

Question 7: Old Fernie had an awesome reputation for a sharp mind.’ Do you agree with the statement? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, I agree because despite of being identical twins, Mrs Fernandes notice something different between the girls.

Question 8: Why do you think Mrs Fernandes refused to apologise to the bewildered gathering? What does it convey about Old Fernie?

Answer: Mrs Fernandes refused to apologise to the bewildered gathering as she had seen the girl earlier. It reflected her confidence.

Question 9: What do you think the title refers to – the questions of Mrs Fernandes or the identical twins?

Answer: ‘The identical twins’, as Mrs Fernandes movements were surrounded by the twins only.

Question 10: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

“If you do not believe me then why are you talking to me?”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Antara said this to Mrs Fernandes.

(b) When and why were these words said?

Answer: These words were said in the office because Mrs Fernandes confused Antara for Tara.

(c) How did the speaker react in this particular situation?

Answer: The speaker sounded hurt and close to tears.

(d) What did the listener finally come to know about the speaker?

Answer: The listener came to know that the speaker was the twin sister of Tara.

Question 11: Tara and Antara call their mothers ‘Sakhi’. What does it show about them? Do you also consider your parents as your best friends?

Answer: This shows that both the sisters were very close to their mothers and considered them their best friends. Yes, I also consider my parents as my best friends.

Question 12: What are the qualities you admire in the character of Mrs Fernandes?

Answer: Mrs Fernades was sharp-minded, confident, friendly and quick-witted.

So, these were Two Much Questions & Answers.

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