The Dinner Party Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Dinner Party Questions & Answers.

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The Dinner Party Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The visiting American was a __________ by profession.

(a) army personnel
(b) naturalist
(c) photographer

2. What did the American notice about the native boy?

(a) He was placing a bowl of milk on the verandah.
(b) He was dressed strangely.
(c) He was trembling with fear.

3. The naturalist tries to __________ the guests from the cobra.

(a) warn
(b) shout at
(c) distract

Question 2: Describe the dining room where the host and the hostess were seated along with their guests.

Answer: It was a spacious dining room, which had a bare marble floor, open rafters and wide glass doors opening on to a verandah.

Question 3: Who started a spirited discussion during the dinner party?

Answer: A young girl and a Colonel started a spirited discussion during the dinner party.

Question 4: What did the American observe about the hostess in the dinner party?

Answer: The American observed a strange expression which had come over the face of the hostess. She was staring straight ahead and her muscles contracted slightly. With a slight gestures, she summoned the native boy who was standing behind her chair, she whispered something to the boy.

Question 5: How did the American naturalist decide to protect the guests from being attacked by the cobra?

Answer: The American naturalist decided to play a game with the people who were there to attend the dinner party. He told them that he would count three hundred, that is five minutes, and no one should move a muscle. Those who would move had to forfeit fifty rupees. The people sat like stone images while he counted. In this way, he tried to protect the guests form being bitten by the cobra.

Question 6: Why do you think in lndia it is assumed that milk in a bowl only means one thing -bait for a snake?

Answer: In India, milk is offered to snakes which is associated with a religious belief, custom and tradition related to Hindu religion. It is believed that if milk is offered to the snakes, it may not bite anyone or it may be caught easily.

Question 7: (a) What made Mrs Wynnes say with a faint smile that the snake was crawling across her foot?

Answer: She has shown that woman can also be an example of showing perfect control.

(b) Do you think Mrs Wynnes was scared? Give reasons.

Answer: Mrs Wynnes was not scared. The change in her expression was seen only by one person, the way she summoned the native boy and informed him what to do, shows that she was a courageous lady.

Question 8: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

“……how did you know that cobra was in the room?”

(a) Identify the speaker of the given line.

Answer: The American is the speaker of the give line.

(b) Who is referred to as ‘you’?

Answer: Mrs Wynnes.

(c) Where did the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker said this in the room where the dinner party had been arranged by the hostess, Mrs Wynes.

(d) What did the listener reply to this?

Answer: The listener replied that she knew there was a cobra in the room as it was crawling across her foot under the table.

So, these were The Dinner Party Questions & Answers.

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