The Peace Poem Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Peace Poem Questions & Answers.

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The Peace Poem Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What do the children wish to do?

(a) They want to give peace a try.
(b) Write happy rhymes about peace.
(c) Be under the wing of the white dove.
(d) Not fight about colour.
(e) All of these

2. How do children plan to stitch a dress for peace?

(a) with threads of non-violence, love and equality
(b) needles and threads
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) all of these

Question 2: ‘Peace must begin with you and me!’ What do you understand by this precious thought?

Answer: ‘Peace must begin with you and me!’ is a precious thought. It teaches us that we should not indulge in conflict or confrontation. Peace can be ushered in if each one of us is involved and we do our bit. We should learn to understand, accept and respect each other irrespective of race, culture, colour, caste, religion or economic background. This deep understanding will enable us to love others and not be swayed by any feeling of hatred or provocation.

Question 3: Why do the children want

(a) Peace to be scattered?

Answer: Children want peace to be scattered because they believe that it should not be restricted to some countries. People of all nations should live in peace and benefit from it as it can bring in development in all fields, prosperity, better education. It will foster love and understanding among all nations.

(b) No fight about colour?

Answer: Children want no fight about colour because the world is often torn due to slavery and apartheid (discrimination based on colour). Even after independence, people in many countries are not treated with equality or respect due to the colour of their skin. Children want us to realise that we should live like brothers and sisters. Equal opportunity and growth is the right of every human being, no matter what the ‘colour’ is.

Question 4: How is peace associated with love?

Answer: Peace can prevail if we love all mankind. Love is the basis of peace and provides a strong foundation for all of us to avoid indulgence in conflict or war. It helps us to be kind, understanding, caring towards others and be more understanding.

Question 5: Why is everybody fed up with violence?

Answer: Everybody is fed up with violence because violence brings hatred, destruction and enmity. Violence leads to wars which causes loss of lives and property and affects peace and harmony of a country which results in commotion and chaos within the society.

Question 6: What can happen when we do not have peace?

Answer: If we do not have peace, men will be killed mercilessly for insignificant reasons. Children will be orphaned, many women will become widows, industries and infrastructure will be destroyed, poverty will reign, men will become barbaric. There will be suffering and misery all around. If nations use nuclear power to destroy each other then, entire mankind may be wiped out from the face of the earth.

So, these were The Peace Poem Questions & Answers.

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