Who Dares To Cut Trees Questions & Answers

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Who Dares To Cut Trees Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Who was Amrita Devi?

(a) the author
(b) a Bishnoi woman
(c) a senior officer
(d) none of these

2. Girdharidas told the gathering that the wood was

(a) not needed
(b) to be sold
(c) needed to burn garbage
(d) needed to burn lime

3. Jambhoji formulated __________ principles for the protection of herbivores and trees.

(a) twenty-seven
(b) twenty-eight
(c) twenty-nine
(d) thirty

Question 2: Why did the Bishnois watch the felling of the green khejri helplessly?

Answer: The Bishnois watched the felling of the green khejri helplessly because the order to cut down the trees was given by the Maharaja and Girdharidas Bhandari, a senior officer of Jodhpur state, who carried out the order that anyone trying to obstruct the felling of the trees would be severely punished.

Question 3: How did Amrita Devi oppose the felling of the Khejri tree? How did the officer respond to her opposition?

Answer: She clung to the tree that was being axed and passionately exclaimed to the woodcutters that if they had to cut the tree they had to cut her first. The officer ordered the woodcutters to cut off her head.

Question 4: What was the result of the sacrifices made by the Bishnois?

Answer: The Maharaja of Jodhpur realised his mistake. He apologised and issued a royal decree, engraved on a copper plate, prohibiting the cutting of trees in any Bishnoi village in Jodhpur State and prohibiting the hunting of all wild animals.

Question 5: How did the Bishnoi community get its name?

Answer: The Bishnois sect was founded in 1542 by Jambheshwarji. He formulated twenty-nine principles for the protection of herbivores and trees. That is how the community got its name, ‘Bishnoi’.

Question 6: The sacrifice made by Amrita Devi exhorts people to live in harmony with nature. Justify.

Answer: When Amrita Devi was mercilessly axed along with the trees, inspired by her sacrifice, her three daughters also did the same. Soon, one after another, 363 Bishnois gave up their lives for the same cause. This made the ruler of Jodhpur immediately stop the massacre. He also issued a decree banning the cutting of trees and hunting of animals. Thus, Amrita Devi’s sacrifice exhorted people to live in harmony with nature.

Question 7: Why was the Khejri tree Jambhoji’s favourite tree?

Answer: The ‘khejri’ tree was Jambhoji’s favourite tree because it remains green throughout the year. Its roots go as deep as 400 km in search of water and increase the fertility of the soil. Its dry leaves provide excellent fodder for cattle. Its wood is used as fuel by villagers and its green pods are eaten as vegetables. The edible gum and wood that the tree yields can be used for constructing houses and making agricultural equipment.

Question 8: How can we say that Jambhoji understood the importance of preserving the biodiversity?

Answer: Biodiversity means the co-existence of different kinds of aninmals and plants which makes a balanced environment. Jambhoji understood the importance of preserving the biodiversity. This can be understood from the fact that apart from the ‘khejri’ tree, he also stressed on saving the chinkara and the blackbuck. He knew that though the animals were herbivores, they were not a threat to the crops. He encouraged the Bishnois to grow bajra as their main crop because these antelopes did not eat bajra as its young shoot contains some toxic element. Also, the plant groves to a height of three feet and this obstructs the animal’s visibility. So, they prefer to keep away from it and stay in areas where they can watch their predator approaching.

Question 9: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

“Who dares to cut trees ina Bishnoi village?”

(a) Who said these words and when?

Answer: Amrita Devi said this when she heard a strange sound as if someone was cutting a tree.

(b) Where is the Bishnoi village located?

Answer: It is located near lodhpur.

(c) How did the speaker react to the felling of trees?

Answer: She clung to the tree that was being axed and told them to cut her body before cutting the tree.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The incident took place on a warm and sunny morning in September, 1737.

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