Unfolding Bud Questions & Answers

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Unfolding Bud Questions & Answers

Question 1: Does the water-lily ‘opens up’ (that is, bloom) quickly over a night or day, or gradually over a few days? What supports your answer?

Answer: The water-lily blooms over several days. The first stanza talks about how the water-lily blooms with each passing day taking on new colours and growing in size.

Question 2: Why do you think the speaker speaks of the water-lily ‘unfolding’ rather than ‘blooming’?

Answer: The word ‘unfolding’ brings out the similarity between the flower and the poem. While the flower unfolds to reveal its colours, the poem unfolds to reveal its inner meaning.

Question 3: What is amazing about that process of opening up? What two things change each day?

Answer: As the water-lily opens up, the colours and the dimensions change.

Question 4: The water-lily grows larger in size and gets a deeper colour as it unfolds. What does the poem do?

Answer: The poem opens up and reveals its rich inner self.

Question 5: What is our first reading of a poem compared to? Do we find that surprising?

Answer: The first reading of a poem is compared to a closed bud. This is not surprising, as most poems do not reveal their full meaning and message until they have been read over and over again.

Unfolding Bud Questions & Answers

Question 6: Does the poem just unfold as time passes or does it happen when we do something a few times? What do we have to do?

Answer: The poem unfolds itself only when the reader reads it many times.

Question 7: When are we actually surprised about the poem? What causes it?

Answer: We are surprised by the poem when we have read it many times, as the poem’s inner meaning slowly reveals itself to us.

Question 8: Why do you think the last three lines are written in that way? Does it make our reading of them slower, adding value to each re-reading?

Answer: The last three lines show how a poem needs to be read. Separating the words into three different lines makes the reading slower and conveys that this is how every poem is to be read.

Question 9: What words describe the state of the poem when it is first seen? Why have those words being used?

Answer: The words used to describe the poem are ‘tight-closed’ and ‘tiny-bud’. These words signify that the poem’s inner beauty is closed to the reader at the beginning.

Question 10: What has this poem taught you about how a poem is best read? State the difference between reading a story and reading a poem in a short paragraph.

Answer: This poem teaches us that a poem needs to be read and understood slowly and over a period of time. Every poem needs to be read multiple times before it can be fully understood and appreciated. A short story, in contrast, takes just one reading for it to be understood.

So, these were Unfolding Bud Questions & Answers.

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