How To Unlock Hidden Wallpapers on OnePlus Smartphones

How To Unlock Hidden Wallpapers on OnePlus Smartphones

Hello Everyone!! Today, I am sharing the steps to Unlock Hidden Wallpapers on OnePlus Smartphones. In order to enhance the gaming on OnePlus 7 Pro, the company has tied up with Fnatic, an eSports organization. This mode allows one to disable auto-brightness, block notifications, enhance the display and many more.

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There is a Fnatic mode on the smartphone. It isa setting within the phone in the gaming mode and OnePlus has labeled it as “superchargeyour gaming experience”.

How To Unlock Hidden Wallpapers on OnePlusSmartphones

At the time of OnePlus 7 Series Launch, the Fnatic Mode was new to OnePlus 7 Pro. Since then, OnePlus added this feature to its new phones too. To unlock hidden wallpapers on OnePlus smartphones, implement the following steps:-

  • Navigate to Settings >> Utilities.
  • Then, click on Gaming Mode andthen Fnatic Mode.
  • Then, tap of Fnatic logo forapproximately 5-6 times.
  • The above step will create a textfield under the logo.
  • Now, type alwaysfnatic in thetext field and click enter.

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When you will implement the steps mentioned above, youwill be able to unlock the Fnatic wallpapers. This method of unlockingwallpapers in the form of an easter egg is a very good experience. If you havea OnePlus smartphone with Fnatic mode then you can try it.

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