A New Malware affecting Fortnite, CSGO and Apex Legends

A New Malware affecting Fortnite, CSGO and Apex Legends

Hi Everyone!! This is my first news and gaming blog which tells you about A New Malware affecting Fortnite, CSGO and Apex Legends. Cheating is one of the biggest that gaming companies and gamers face. Cheating is prominent in multiplayer games where players want to win over others. This leads to many players downloading cheats to use. Seeing this, the hacker released a new malware called Baldr that target these cheaters. This malware steals gaming account passwords and other details attached to the accounts of affected users. This malware was detected early this year and spread through the cheating software promoted through YouTube.

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Targets of the New Malware

Famous multiplayer games like Fortnite, CounterStrike Global Offensive and Apex Legends are the primary targets ofthis new malware. Baldr is also capable of stealing login credentials forgaming sites, credit card information and other personal information. Sophosblog explains that where they found instances of Baldr it was bundled withmaliciously modified installers of cryptocurrency miner software.

The origin of Baldr is not clear but it has affected alarge number of users. These include countries such as Brazil, Indonesia,Singapore, Russia, and the US. But some researchers have found that there is anoption in the virus to not attach users in Russia. The Telegraph,therefore, notes that it can be of Russian origin. This is because it is acriminal offense to hack domestic targets in Russia.

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Sophos has claimed that Baldr is now moving fromstealing in-game information to stealing Netflix passwords. This information isthen being sold on the dark web. So, it seems that the victims are not justbeing cheated in games. This malware just needs the software to be installedonce and takes all the information and sends it to the host automatically.

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