How To Add Audio In WordPress

Hello Everyone!! Today, I am going to share to steps to Add Audio In WordPress. A study has shown that audio content has a rise in interest among young people. As a result, it can be useful to add audio in WordPress. So, it can be a way to make your site more engaging among young people.

How To Add Audio In WordPress

1. How To Add Audio In WordPress Posts

Open the post or page in which you want to add audio. Then, add a Gutenberg block. Add an Audio block from the Common blocks section. Now, add it where you want to place it.

Now, click on Upload to upload the audio file you want in the post or page. You can also upload an audio file from a link.

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2. How To Add Audio In WordPress Widgets

 You can add audio files to the widgets also. First of all, you will need to go to Appearance >> Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard. Here, look for the widget named Audio. Just click on it and select where you want it to appear. Then, click on Add Widget.

Now, you will be able to see the widget added to the desired location. You can now add the audio file. Just click on the widget and click Add Audio and select file from Media Library. If you don’t have a file in the media library then, you can upload it by clicking Upload Files.

Now, you can add a title to your widget if you want and click Save.

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So, this was all about the steps to Add Audio In WordPress. You can now use this to create a WordPress Podcast website. If you have a burden of hosting audio files yourself, you can embed a Spotify playlist. There are a lot of ways you can use audio to enhance the website.

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