How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation for a Kiosk or Trade Show Booth

How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation for a Kiosk or Trade Show Booth

Hello Everyone!! Today, I am going to share the steps to Create a PowerPoint Presentation for a Kiosk or Trade Show Booth. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to automatically run shows in sales space and kiosks.

First, create a slideshow as you would do in any otherpresentation. Then, add your graphics, animations, content, and transitions.Set the timing of the animations right.

Also, add some audio to your PPT. You can also addsome soft music in the background whereas the narrator can speak over themusic. It is recommended to add the narrator’s voice to explain the textualcontent of your slides.

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Adding background music to the whole presentation

  1. Click on Insert > Audio >Audio on my PC. Set its timing to match the narration.
  2. Then, the Insert Audio dialogwindow will open and show some of the audio files in your Music Library.
  3. Choose the audio file and then clickon the Insert button.
  4. It will show that Audio is enabled byshowing you and the Audio icon.
  5. When the Audio icon is selected, anew choice named Audio tools with two new tabs referred to as Playback andFormat.
  6. The Playback tab gives anumber of choices for customizing the features of the audio file with respectto your presentation.
  7. The Format tab includes a lotof assorted options for your audio.
  8. Inside the Audio Optionsgroup, choose Start: Automatically and Volume: Low. Then, checkthe following checkboxes: Loop Until Stopped, Play Across Slidesand Hide During Show. This will ensure that your music will play untilthe slideshow stops running.
  9. Then, under Editing group, youcan either choose the Fade duration if you want to fade the music in andout or Trim the Audio File if you want to crop the audio file to fit theoverall time of presentation.

Configure your sound devices

  1. First, plug-in your microphone andconfigure the sound devices.
  2. Now, look for red-colored Stereo-Injack on your computer and plug-in your mic.
  3. Now, open the Control Paneland select Hardware and Sound.
  4. Then, locate the Sound submenuand choose Manage Audio Devices.
  5. In the Sound dialog box, clickthe Recording tab.
  6. Select Microphone and click OK.
  7. Turn your speakers on and talk intoyour mic to check it’s working properly.

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Add VoiceoverNarration to the presentation                            

1. For Narration on Individual slides

  1. Select the slide that uses narration.
  2. Enter a filename for your narration.
  3. When everything is complete, clickthe red-dot Record button.
  4. Then, record your script and click onthe Stop button.
  5. Then, click OK.

2. For Narration throughout the Entire Slideshow

  1. Select View > Normal buttonin the Presentation Views group.
  2. Select the slide from where you wantto begin the narration and choose Slide Show > Record Slide Show >Record from Current Slide.
  3. The next screen will fill your monitorwith recording buttons on the top-left side.
  4. Click the Record button, thenread your script and click the arrows to move to next screen.
  5. When finished recording, click the Stopbutton.
  6. Click the Replay button tolisten to your narration.

Now, test your narration with the slides.

  • Then, click Slide Show >Rehearse Timings.
  • After the Last Slide ends, PowerPointasks you if you want to save it. Then, click on Yes to save it.
  • Finally, save the entire presentationagain by pressing Ctrl + S.

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Set up the slideshow for Kiosk Presentation

  1. Choose Slide Show > Setup SlideShow.
  2. The Set-Up Slide Show dialogbox opens.
  3. Then, click the Browsed at a kioskradio button and click OK.
  4. Press F5 to view the completedkiosk presentation.
  5. Edit the PPT, then save the fileagain.

And that’s all. These were the steps to Create a PowerPoint Presentation for a Kiosk or Trade Show Booth. If you found this post informative then, please share it with your colleagues.

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